Ryan Hemsworth- Guilt Trips

Nova Scotia’s favorite DJ released his long-awaited full-length album today on Last Gang Records, encompassing several styles and overstepping boundaries between hip-hop, electronic, and R&B. Although the genre-bending is most notable, there exists an overall tone to the record-bright, upbeat, and effervescent. Vocals play a vital role on several tracks, adding the element of R&B (or like, semi-R&B) to preserve the smooth, chilled-out vibe that’s become characteristic of Hemsworth’s creations. Expect to hear Sinead Harnett, Tinashe, and Lofty305 gracing Hemsworth’s highly-varied instrumentals for an experience that almost sounds “risky,” but nevertheless enjoyable. Brooklyn emcee Haleek Maul rhymes over “Day/Night/Sleep System” with Kitty, while “Still Cold” features Baths on production. When a producer can utilize multiple styles of music and still manage to generate something exciting, relevant, and even a little confounding, you know they’re going somewhere. Purchase “Guilt Trips” here. :ocean: :koala: