OG Maco – Live Life 2

OG Maco loves screaming and I love when OG Maco screams at me.

“Live Life 2” is certainly a lot of screaming, but beneath it all lies a solid tape full of emotion and truth. Almost entirely produced by CardoGotWings, the production on the mixtape is just as solid as Maco’s unique style of rapping. Every beat brings its own vibe, some connecting with Maco’s style more than others, but always creating something interesting. In “Sheesh 2” featuring Johnny Cinco, the mood is turned down ever so slightly for a throwed-type smokers jam that is nearly polar opposite to track three, “Unleash the Kraken”.

I admittedly didn’t like OG Maco at first listen but he is very quickly growing on me. “Live Life 2” is only increasing my interest thus far.