Khori – Black Guise feat. ShowYouSuck (prod. by Mulatto Beats)

Khori’s been steadily putting out hot music. He’s contributed to a few of Hurt Everybody’s biggest hits – In Seoul, Illustrious and Wicker Park Girls. If you aren’t hip to him yet, you will be soon. He’s getting everything lined up to release his project titled Paradox later this year. Khori is a DIY artist – engineers and mixes his own music at The Jungle AE where he works as a recording engineer. He spends his time between Chicago and St. Louis. On this track Black Guise he teams up with ShowYouSuck, who just had big success at Riot Fest and is currently on his first tour of Europe called #ChicagoTakeover. The track is┬áproduced by Hurt Everybody’s Mulatto Beats. Khori describes Black Guise best himself:

So basically this song starts with Show You Suck painting the picture of what
its like on his side of town, describing his wardrobe, things he’s into, his
attitude etc…

In between the verses I laid a screwed up refrain that says,

“Sittin’ pretty on the low
Hit the city and I roll
P- Pocket full of pros
All I ever wanted was that roll”

Then on my verse I sarcastically paint a picture about stressfully riding
through my city on a beautiful day with a chick telling me not to stress,
hard work pays off.
Going on to bring up past struggles and say even when I am succeeding I’ll still
be perceived as “a n*gga with money” .

I titled it Black Guise to kinda go along with the concept that no, we just want
to succeed and enjoy our life regardless to what the perception may be.