Interview: SPF420

On Tuesday of last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with SPF420 co-founders, Chaz and Stress. If you are not familiar with the brand, the easiest way I know how to peg it is to say “it’s the lo-fi boiler room“. Though I’m not sure if Boiler Room would approve of that appropriation. Regardless…the setting was intimate, and aside from a few strays here and there, quite private. We met in the same place that  so many performers have congregated to debut weird and wild music –from chopped and screwed sets to god know’s what to call the rest of it. We recorded for a solid hour and it  honestly caused a great sadness in me to chop this down to a hopefully more digestible half- hour segment. If there’s one impression to be made from this interview, it is that the internet is the very coolest people-connecting device the world has ever known. The creative prizza-bilities are without bound. In lieu of further prefacing,  it’s Macaroni Time. :stew:

spf420interviewfinal – Broadband from Zachary Swezy on Vimeo.

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