Interview: Psymun

I had been familiar with Psymun’s production for a minute before I met him at SXSW a couple months ago. I found out he was going to be releasing an album shortly after that and I wanted to get up with him to discuss his creative process, influences, and of course the upcoming album. Fortunately, I was able to conduct this very brief, yet informative interview.

How did you get into producing music?

Ummmmm. A friend of mine gave me FL Studio in 9th grade and I started messing around. I’ve been playing music my whole life but I didn’t start trying to make beats until high school.

Your sound is definitely unique, what do you draw inspiration from and what are some of the biggest influences on your sound?

It’s hard to pinpoint my inspirations. I’m not really sure. I’d say my biggest inspiration is myself. People will probably think that sounds pretentious but whatever.

Your production goes great with K. Raydio, how did that collaboration come about, and can we expect to hear some more from the two of you?

I met K.Raydio on Myspace in 2006!

Speaking of collaborations, who are some people you are working with now, and who are some people you would really like to work with?

The only people I’m really working with right now are the artists who are featured on Pink Label. I wanna work with King Krule.

You mentioned to me earlier you were traveling and you were in Canada, are you touring or working on music? or just traveling for personal reasons?

No, I’m here for Passover with my family. I have been working on music in the car on headphones though. I miss my speakers.

Your upcoming EP, Pink Label, is set to drop on May 6th, can you somehow articulate a written preview for that? What can we expect?

It’s different than my other stuff. This is like, my acoustic album. But not actually. It just has an acoustic feel to it. You’ll see. Maybe you’ll know what I mean once you hear the project.

Here is the album, stream it, and buy it!

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