A couple minutes with Tree

Tree, a Chicago artist that is integral to the hip hop community, kindly answered a few of my questions. He’s had another huge year with the release of the stellar @MCTREEG EP, Soultrap projects including Chris Crack’s TreeSwag and Brian Fresco’s SoulMoney, featured on Saba’s crucial mixtape Comfort Zone, gave us a month or two of TreeMix Tuesdays, dropped several singles & videos and on top of all that had his first European tour! Next month Red Bull Sound Select will be presenting Tree (along with Juicy J and Two-9) during their 30 Days in LA concert series on Nov. 25 at The Fonda.

How long will you be doing #Treemix Tuesday?
I’m done with that for the minute, it was just something to do. I have a lot of unreleased material that is years old and getting older, but still timeless. I can’t just be putting it out for free and all, I need some type of platform of structure in this juncture of my career. I’ve been working on my new project #TrapGenuis and that has been consuming me. It’s the reason for no more TreeMixes.

Any songs of yours you’d like to hear someone remix?
(Laughs) Well, I’ve never thought about that, I wouldn’t mind it though. I don’t know, I have a different sound and swag and I don’t know if others get it. It would be entertaining though.

What’s the next SoulTrap project? Vic Spencer?
Yes, me and vic are putting out this #VicTree that I produced and featured on. He’s a dope MC and I like what we’ve come up with – great music!

How was it working with Brian Fresco? Do you have a favorite track on #SoulMoney?
It was cool, the brother got a pen on him, meaning he writes dope raps, I’ve adopted that lil n**** (laughs) He’s my lil broski now, under the SoulTrap act. People are going to see one day – Fresco, Crack, Vic Spencer and Tree, we the truth.