Oh Wonder – Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix)

Jerry Fold is a producer from Oslo, Norway; checking out his soundcloud you can see he is a master of remixing, he does a great job of totally changing the musical elements of the song while still preserving your favorite parts, key in any remix of popular music. Taking on the Oh Wonder’s “Lose It” he takes the song which was very chill and slow and raises the BPM to turn it into an uptempo jam that could easily be slipped into a set at a house party. Now get to shaking it.

Kahrion – Clouds (Prod. by Von Vuai, Dir. by Caves)

Kahrion recently dropped the Aura Tape and his first video from it, “Clouds” premiered on The Smoking Section. The striking video is directed by Caves of Heart Of The City and Kahrion is seen with his head in the clouds and then contrasted with the reality of Chicago’s streets. He said “The vivid pictures painted in this visual reflects the most important aspect of my life growing up in Chicago that many other youths around me can relate to. Focusing on the importance of always working for better while trying not to fall into the evils of the lifestyles and temptations around us… Take a walk with me through the West Side and catch a glimpse of my life growing up in different areas of the city.” Watch “Clouds” and then listen to the Aura Tape, Kahrion has a lot to say and it’s good to hear.

Mishka Records Presents W3NDH3LL Pt. 3: Slap

It’s been a great 24 hours for Chicago music, we got Surf and the final installment of W3NDCH3LL: Slap. Ben Niespodziany’s dedication to the producers of Chicago is unparalleled and a great enhancement to our summer listening. I hear the series as a love letter to our musicians although Ben describes it best. “While the first part, Soul, took you into the past, and the second part, Space, took you into the future, it is the third and final piece, Slap, that returns you to present day, back to Chicago heat in 2015: either walking to a convenience store, looking for something to drink, or inside an apartment sitting in front of a fan, or inside a car with all of the windows down, embracing the breeze of the Windy City. Wherever you spend your summer, I hope that it’s spent with W3NDCH3LL playing somewhere in the background.”

Going back to the first Windchill to the present, you’ll consistently find some of our well known producers like Thelonious Martin, Tree, Smoko Ono, Professor Fox, The O’My’s, Nico Segal (aka Donnie Trumpet who just dropped Surf), Mulatto Beats, Martin Sky and Saba while more emerging musicians are introduced alongside. It’s a great look and a comprehensive listening experience. On a personal note, I’m excited that a track by my son, producer Noah Sims is included on Slap. Read more about the process of curating this whole thing in our interview with Ben.

W3NDCH3LL 3: Slap

1. OnGaud – Hush

2. Noah Sims – Atlas

3. Glassic – Y4

4. €l D€€ – Soirée

5. The O’My’s – One of a Kind

6. ConED (of CHI-VII) – Funny Valentine

7. Fiji God – Insomnia

8. Walkingshoe – Follow You / Patriarchy

9. Nick Arcade – Super Sushi

10. Drew Mantia – Be More

11. The Turn Up (Keiya + Kalo) – Wank

12. Carter Lang – Footy

13. Professor Fox – Untitled

Cute Little Interviews, Vol. 9: sign offline

Can you write us a short poem 🙂

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I bought the new Drake album for you.

Pick any 4 sea creatures

Sea otter
Sea Lion

What are some of your favorite emojis?

Honestly, I’m just excited for the cucumber emoji so I can stop using the eggplant to talk about my dick.  :eggplant:

I hardly ever talk about my dick. Tell us about your first crush.

I remember when I was younger and watching VH1 before I went to school, I saw the video for Toxic by Britney Spears, she was my first crush. I lost my little boy mind over that video.

Who was your favorite Backstreet Boy and why?

I was more of a NSYNC kid, I still have the hit clip that I got at McDonalds of a NSYNC song. But I guess I’ll say Nick Carter.

Who do you love?

i love you 1833 🙂

😀  Kill, Marry, Fuck:

Hello Panda
Yan Yan

Kill Hello Panda
Marry Yan Yan
Fuck Pocky

Lastly, tell us a joke.

Drake looks like voldemort but with hair

Thanks QT

Throwback Thursdays – The Lana Del Days Of Summer

Music can send you down a trip on memory lane, it’ll make you remember a loved one or a fun time in your life or maybe even that one night with that special someone… you know what i’m talking about. We at 1833 are no different and want to celebrate the past with our weekly segment THROWBACK THURSDAY’S; check below to see what era our contributors are stuck in this week and come back every thursday to find out what songs you forgot you missed.


Summer isn’t just about Tevas and Mai Tai’s anymore thanks to Lana del bae


Lil B THE BASED GOD – Praying 4 A Brick

Salute The 2015 NBA Playoffs MVP: Lil B “The Based God”!
Shouts Out Iman Shumpert, A True Role Model To The Youth!
James Harden Maybe Now You Understand Not To Steal Lil B’s Swag. Kevin Durant You’re Still Cursed. Play Lil B To Lift The Curse Or Else!!!
Love You Lil B! – Juttin
#DubNation #GoWarriors

Mama Sims:

“Riding till the sun up, runnin’ into cover
This one for my brothers
Get up and get money, not up for discussion
Don’t waste your life on nothing”

Saba’s Comfort Zone came out last summer and this wistful and heartfelt song makes me think of chilling with good friends in warm weather. It also touches on some of the problems of summer in Chicago, but I love the feeling of friendship in this song.


Sorry Zach but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I’m laying my eyes on this goddess in 3 days from now. I’m ringing in the Summer time with sex, drugs and singing along to pop rock. Then I’m going to hop in my car and drive home, weeping after the thought of not being Lana’s full time daddy. I’ve hit the point of creepiness now within text so I’m stopping myself.


I remember when I first heard the spastic patterns of “Yeezus”, I met a soulmate that summer and found my own creativity, this song sonically is like taking the big bang and putting a compressor, reverb, and auto tune on it. Fucking epic.

KALKO – Sorry

“Sorry” is a beautiful instrumental that is just that perfect length where you have to keep replaying it, I don’t want to over describe it because that would honestly diminish its LoFi aesthetic, but, it’s dreamy and entrancing. Just listen It’s seriously hard not to like.

D.Graves – 5-27-15

D.Graves is back with a mellow but bar filled Dilla produced track that has an interesting twist to it, Graves describes the process as “I had the first verse pretty much finished and then my engineer/producer Jeff Rx suggested that we flip that very same J Dilla sample, turn it into another beat & I continue rapping over that. So thats what we did, he flipped the sample on the spot while I wrote more lyrics”. The concept of this track being named after may 27th is that it was produced, mixed and written all in one day in one energetic studio session, an exercise in synergy and passion. If thats not what Hip Hops about I don’t know what is. Stream the track above and stay tuned for more from passionate emcee D.Graves, his project “The EP Before The Mixtape” will be released later this month!