Weekend Finds – 8/10/15

I took last weekend off, in terms of finding new music, but I’m back today with a batch of new songs I somehow unearthed over this last weekend that I simply can’t seem to stop playing. I like this collection the most probably of any Weekend Finds because none of the tracks sound anything alike. So without further adieu…

Natia – The Wrong Way (Prod. by El Lobo)

Take it from me: skateboarding and drinking is a hard combination to pull off. Maybe that’s what makes Natia’s video for “The Wrong Way” so hot. I mean, dude is already bicken back in that all red fit, but add in a throwed ass beat and some solid bars and you’ve got yourself a good ass rap song. Dude’s other music is pretty hot too, so if you’re vibing, I’d encourage you to dig deeper. Also, s/o Bryce for showing me this shit.

Appleby – Bitter Boy Feat. Anthony White (prod. Illyland)

No tux, I read about this dude on Saturday while sitting at my buddies reading one of his roommates Maxim Magazines. What intrigued me most was A. Dude is from Chicago and 2. Buddy has gone all this time without exposing his face. Even in the photo that went with the Maxim article, Appleby had a scarf over his head, making him completely unrecognizable. I love me a good anonymous artist. He’s also got some impressive talent, as you can hear on “Bitter Boy”, a painfully honest and relatable song about trying to forget your ex through spite.

Rochelle Jordan – Madness (Have It)

Toronto singer Rochelle Jordan took her shot at covering Future’s “March Madness” and it’s nothing short of perfection. Don’t let me tell you, though. Be the judge yourself!