Supa Bwe – dead boys (Prod. TayMasterChef)

Supa Bwe continues to come with bangers just before his newest project Finally Dead comes out, and Supa comes through rolling weed in his exotic Cuban leaves on his track dead boys produced by TayMasterChef. After his most recent sound cloud drops its looking like Finally Dead is going to be a very versatile project that everyone in Chicago and everyone around the internet is going to be talking about. For Supa Bwe its well deserved. Listen to the track and check out Finally Dead when it drops July 4th.

Supa Bwe – Melodies (Prod. LukeAlmighty)

As fans wait for his highly anticipated project Finally Dead dropping July 4th, Supa Bwe released a new song to hold his fans over until then. Melodies is a song produced by Luke Almighty on which Supa is talks about how he doesn’t want the money he’s getting to change anyone around him and that he is currently living for himself. Check out this song because Supa is only going to keep it up for 24 hours so listen to Melodies above and hopefully Supa will keep it up.

Supa Bwe – Bruce Lee (Prod. JXHNSCXTT)

Supa Bwe has been on a roll the last couple of days. Coming off of his recent release Black Aladdin featuring Kembe X, Supa Bwe is back with another banger titled Bruce Lee. The song, produced by JXHNSCXTT just proves that Supa is not playing around with his highly anticipated project Finally Dead. Keep a look out for Finally Dead and listen to Bruce Lee above.

Supa Bwe – Black Aladdin (Feat. Kembe X) (Prod. Hippie Sabotage)

After a long awaited hiatus, Supa Bwe drops his first single off the highly anticipated project Finally Dead, Black Aladdin featuring Kembe X and produced by the great team Hippie Sabotage. With the very base heavy beat produced by Hippie Sabotage, it fits Supa Bwe’s style perfectly, and the Kembe feature complements very well. Listen to Black Aladdin above and keep a look out for Supa’s project Finally Dead.

Supa Bwe – Moon Goddess (Prod. Supa Bwe)

Supa Bwe continues to prove that he is a master at both producing and rapping with his new track Moon Goddess. The beat features a sample of the hook from Bell Biv Devoe classic Poison. This isn’t the first time Supa used the title “Moon Goddess”, he released the first “Moon Goddess” with Qari and Mulatto as the Hurt Everybody trio. Hopefully Supa brings back the goddess series and puts this and many of his other different sounds he has on his up coming project “Finally Dead” droping soon. Listen to the track above.

Supa Bwe – Fool With It (ft. Chance The Rapper)

Supa Bwe, has been making major moves since the split of Hurt Everybody. He’s now part of a new group named “Fight Me” and has had a few headliner shows under his belt. Not only that but Supa also released his project “Dead Again 3” back in July, “Fool With It” is a cut from that project. The vocals on the songs are so amazing that I had it on replay for weeks after its release. Chance the Rapper adds a lot of depth to the song but Supa Bwe shines the hardest. He released the video and animation, done by Abel Gray, today as a birthday present to himself.

Supa Bwe – Portage Theater

Coming off of his “Dead Again 3” mixtape, Supa Bwe comes through with some heat on his new song “Portage Theater”. With some help from his FIGHT ME co-mate Shepherd Hues on the production, Supa sending some shots at the venue hall in Portage Park. Supa Bwe recently had an altercation with the Portage Theater security as he was performing. Check out the diss track above.

Supa Bwe – Run A Check Up + Supa Bwe x Taylor Bennett – Show Me

“Run that check up, so extensive
My time is money baby
Yeah my time expensive”

Damn, Supa Bwe comes back to reality on the single, “Run A Check Up,” and finds that everybody is still fake. He’s spending and he’s taxing over production by himself and Shepard Hues. Supa is consistently a bold and passionate artist, I can’t wait to hear what he’s got coming with his next EP, Down Comes The Spaceman.

“Can you show me something I ain’t seen before”

Supa is collaborating with Taylor Bennett and the two released their first single, “Show Me,” on the same night as “Run A Check Up.” When I first heard that these two were in the studio, I was curious. It works. The beat, produced by Home, grooves and lays solid ground for the two artists. Supa is raw, weary and very much himself, he’s been in the game awhile and wants to see something new. He says “Every time they call my cell n****s need something, every time I hoist my sails n****s sea sick.” Taylor comes in with his polished demeanor. He adds a verse commenting on the typical day and the needs of the people that he hears from. He retains his bright energy even while rapping about tired scenarios. I hope to hear more work from this pair. Be sure to catch Supa Bwe’s first solo show in Chicago at Reggies on April 14.


Supa Bwe – Brujería + Hella Shields (Clear Skies)

“Never give a finesser the chance to finesse, you gon loose everything”

Supa Bwe is about to release his next project, Down Comes The Spaceman, and gives us a taste of what’s to come with two new singles, “Brujería” and “Hella Shields (Clear Skies).” He collaborated with Shepard Hues on production for “Brujería,” it’s an intense, haunting beat that perfectly fits Supa’s words of warning. He claims to not practice brujería (Spanish for witchcraft), although I’m not sure I believe him, his music casts spells.

“It’s gon be alright
Baby live your life”

“Hella Shields (Clear Skies)” is emotional and bare, Supa speaks directly of pain and loss. The title of the track makes me think of one of my favorite Hurt Everybody songs, Hella Ligtning/Hella Swords, though the tone of “Hella Shields (Clear Skies,)” is darker and finds Supa Bwe solo. Be sure to catch Supa’s first solo show in Chicago at Reggies on April 14.


The Culture (Dir. by Cole Bennett)

“People become so comfortable with their own lives and form perspectives resulting in them forgetting to look at anyone else’s. That right there is the premise of this documentary – to look at various perspectives which form a bigger picture… This documentary intentionally has no narrative for the reason that narratives create for a molded perspective, this is for you to build your own.” Cole Bennett

The Culture is the debut full length documentary by Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett. His contributions to Chicago’s music scene have already been significant, in addition to running Lyrical Lemonade, he’s presented shows, countless video recaps and a series of cyphers giving well deserved light to emerging rappers. Read more about him and his work in a recent interview with These Days News.

The Culture succeeds at capturing the present and important moment in Chicago hip hop, described by many as a renaissance, in a way that can only be achieved by talking to the people living here and making it happen. In a series of interviews with such luminaries as legendary rappers Twista, Do or Die, bop king DLow, Supa Bwe, Save Money’s Joey Purp and Dally Auston, Taylor Bennett, Lucki Eck$, musician & activist Ethos, producer Noah Sims, journalist Jake Krez and many more – the city’s music scene is depicted broadly and in a way that wasn’t fully covered in works like Noisey’s “Chiraq” or WSHH’s “The Field.”

The film doesn’t ignore the challenges here, the violence is addressed, and in a very personal way by Chicago Mayor Deputy Chief of Staff & father of Chance The Rapper and Taylor, Ken Bennett, who talks about the loss of Chance’s close friend, Rodney Kyles Jr., a philosophy student at Roosevelt University, and his profound impact on their lives. Even with our many problems, the feeling I took away from The Culture was one of pride. Listening to Closed Sessions’ Michael Kolar describing the citizenry and its tenacity and heartiness, Twista and more discussing our musical past and present, and hearing fire freestyles by Logan and Femdot, it’s without question that this community is still growing, and there will be much more to come. As Cole stated, “Whether it be next month, or 50 years down the road – there will never be another time like right now.” The Culture documents this moment, be sure to watch the film and see the bigger story of Chicago hip hop told by those that are living and creating it.

Supa Bwe – I’ll Hurt Alone

“I learned from the best
I’m self taught
That’s self discipline, unlimited
Down comes the spaceman
Just to say I visited”

Supa Bwe introduces his next project, Down Comes The Spaceman, with the intro, “I’ll Hurt Alone.” He is completely solo on this track as he also produced it. Supa is one of the most creative and expressive rappers in Chicago, he communicates directly and always makes me feel where he is coming from. His vocal dexterity is of full display, giving us his first solo release since The Dead Occasion. The “Hurt (Intro)” comes to mind while listening to “I’ll Hurt Alone,” the two songs have similar arrangements and reference hurting alone, and both come at significant points in Supa’s career. A new chapter in the story of this futuristic artist will certainly arrive with Down Comes The Spaceman, you can be sure that Freddy got magic.