IsaiahThe3rd – Castle Walls

Houston-based producer, Eric Dingus, provides the eery backdrop for your favorite villain, IsaiahThe3rd. Isaiah has a very unique cadence, voice and style, but this beat is not typical for him. It is good to see an artist push the boundaries and change up the flow a bit, but it is also nice to see him stick to the usual with his villainous talk and numerous video game and anime references.

IsaiahThe3rd – Homeland

IsaiahThe3rd drops his new project produced by Fa†e, called Homeland. You can stream and download this jawn here. Judging from his comments on his bandcamp page, Isaiah has something in the works for his next musical offering as well.

Fa†e laid the canvas and paper trail for me to sculpt classic crimes with flawless rhymes but enough badger onto the next adventure!