Interview: ShowYouSuck #PizzaPartyHomeComing

It was an exciting summer for ShowYouSuck. Many in the Chicago hip hop community were stoked about ShowYouSuck performing at Riot Fest, but maybe none more than he was. His enthusiasm came through loud and clear and it felt like he was sharing a great moment in his life and career with all of his fans via twitter. He followed up a big set at Riot Fest with his first European tour visiting cities in France, the UK and Finland. The tour was called Chicago Takeover and the artists repping the Windy City along with Show were Psalm One, Auggie The 9th, The Hood Internet, WhoIsFluffy? and Big Randy. And because “Show is so Awesome” he’s throwing a free show and pizza party on Dec. 13 at Sub T!

“One artist who stole the show this year, ShowYouSuck. Seriously. He had a massive crowd show up at his stage and a full blown mosh pit ensued throughout… This further proves that if you don’t book Show, your show might suck. See what I did there?” Andrew Barber via Fake Shore Drive

You played Riot Fest and that was a big deal. What did that event mean to you and what was it like being on that stage?
SYS: That was for sure the raddest day of my life! Riot Fest has been my favorite festival for past 5 or 6 years and playing it was one of my life goals. I didn’t expect to have that big of a turnout so to walk out and see that sea of people was crazy. I’m still shocked by it! The set ran super smooth with no hiccups. It is just crazy to read and hear people say that it was the best set of the whole festival. I can’t really wrap my head around that.

Any particularly friendly faces in that crowd?
SYS: Yeah, I saw a lot of kids who normally come to my shows and quite a few other musicians from the Chicago scene.

You are well known for excellent and energized shows. I imagine that you have a vision of what you want to achieve in performance. Do you have a ‘mission statement” or goal regarding performance generally?
SYS: Yes I do, most of the time. I usually watch the crowd before I go on and try to read how responsive they are going to be for me and that is how I gauge how aggressive I’m gonna be during the show. But for the most part my main goals are to make sure that most of them have fun and they all know my name.

How did Europe respond to Chicago rap?
SYS: I’d say they responded very well. But good music is universal so I wasn’t super worried about that!  :joy:

Did you have a favorite city or show of that tour?
SYS: I’d say Bordeaux, beautiful city!

Care to share any info on the #PIZZAPARTYHOMECOMING?
SYS: Hell yeah! The show is going to be on Dec 13th at Sub T in Chicago and its Free!!!!! I’m pushing for a Homecoming Dance theme so I hope people dress like they are going to Homecoming. (laughs) And BBU is back together and playing the show so I’m super stoked for that. All you gotta do is RSVP HERE:

What’s your next release or project?
SYS: Umm not 100% sure, my EP/Short film “Bummer” is almost finished and I’m almost done with “One Man Pizza Party 5” so I’ll for sure have a project out before the year is up. I’m just kind of playing it by ear and also planning more stuff.

Any plans to collaborate musically with Lili K?
SYS: We haven’t made exact plans to do so, we are both focused on our own projects, she is definitely part of the creative process for some of my music and always gives great input. She has an amazing album that she just finished so I’m stoked for people to get to hear that. Maybe you will hear something from the both of us together, if the time is right.

Best thing you ate while in Europe? Any good pizza?
SYS: I had some really great Thai food in Bordeaux. The fast food there is pretty jamming. And the McDonalds has a burger called the “Grand Chicago Delux.” it is not better than a Big Mac though. The pizza was decent, nothing crazy.  :pizza: