Interview: H/\RRISON

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Harrison, an 18-year-old producer from Toronto. His signature sound is a mixture of Future Funk and Nu-disco, with a little hip-hop in the mix. He’s been dropping new music very consistently, and considering how much buzz his tracks are getting on the internet, we were interested in finding out a little more about the young talent. :space_invader:  :memo:

Alright, first things first- when did you first start making music and why?

I think 2 years ago now. I got dumped. I was seriously fucked up and probably going nuts at the time. I was bored as hell and needed something to do. My friend (Boar M’londe) introduced me to this software called Reason. He had a head start but we started learning techniques with each other and helping each other out. We actually started a duo called HMPF as a joke, it was like me him and 4 other friends.

Did you become more passionate about making music as time went on?

Ya I did and so did he (Boar). We released a song “Butter Deluxe” which sampled the Mario Death Theme. One of the only songs that I helped make that I can listen to. I dunno. I guess it’s nostalgic.

Harrison x Boar M’londe

As a Canadian, how much does Drake influence you (emotionally, spiritually, musically, etc.). 

In all honesty, his new album isn’t that bad. It’s actually got some pretty mean shit on it.

I agree with that sentiment. Did you see that “Worst Behaviour” video?


Ya I did actually, I like his energy as whack as that sounds. If he’s making people happy, why not.

Who have been your primary influences

? Uhh, Onra for sure and Nujabes.  Also, Damu The Fudgemunk. Onra’s a beast. And Nujabes of course. Now, look at this picture of Yajirobi after he ate too many sensu beans and comment on it. YajirobeSenzu

That’s me after butter chicken, except a smoke would be hanging out my mouth. That nigguh’s a punk by the way DBZ for life but not Yajirobi.

Yajirobi is a punk, true say. On to the next Q- what is art for you? Do you consider yourself like a lense or a mirror or like…….something else?

 I guess I’m a time portal. Trying to show the people something awesome from the past that deserves respect. Every edit or sample that is taken, I make sure to credit because I’m not trying to make people think it’s my shit, it’s just me trying to give that 80’s jam the kick that will make people want to listen to it in this day and age. I’m not saying 80’s funk isn’t good on its own- just that some people need that “something else” for them to listen to that version. I’m not making any sense. Let’s go with time portal. Sorry if I came off pretentious.

 So here’s a crucial one..what would you do if you had a hyperbolic time chamber but this time there are android ladies whose batteries run on semen or whatever in the chamber. This isn’t really a question but please answer it regardless.

K, so are you saying I have to f*ck the androids? Cuz I don’t know If I’d be down.

You don’t have to, no. What would you do though?

Go back in time…and punch Rob Ford right in his fucking face…ya that’s it.


That’s my lil nigguh Pikachu, pika pik.

I     yaaaaajj

Sorry for misleading you.

I fucked up FUCK I FUCKED UP This happens every fucking time I swear fuck.

YOU ARE FORGIVEN.  What visual artists do you draw inspiration from/admire?

Fuck how do I forget this.Dylan Reyes. A photographer. he takes pictures of a lot of females and they’re all gorgeous photos and models [Because of Reyes] I wanted to do a series of songs after interviewing 5 girls based on what they’re like, I don’t know what happened to that idea. Maybe I’ll do it one day.

How do you define “nu-disco” and “future funk?”  

I think more classic French House when I think of nu-disco. To me, Future Funk is more of a Hip-Hop Funk blend. I really just wish everything electronic could be called electronic music.

Harrison x Saint Pepsi

Poutine originated in Quebec, but did it trickle down into Toronto? Is poutine important? Need answers.

K so there’s this place called Smokes Poutine. If you’re drunk at 1 in the morning it’s the place to go. If you’re a white chick. So yes it did trickle down, cuz there’s like 20 of them in the city.

Ooo, not sure where that leaves me, but good to know…  So does Toronto have a thriving music scene in terms of future funk/ambient music and the like?

They’re getting there. There’s this underground like straight boogie scene that people go nuts for. Maylee Todd tears it down every time, like so good.

Seems like you’re doing a great job so far, and you’re young, so it definitely looks bright. Where do you see yourself in let’s say….five years? Or any amount of years.

I love that question. Because I honestly see myself working at a Reitmens, if they have those in America.

I don’t think I’ve heard of that. Is it a clothing company?

Ya, for like older MILFS.

Ooooooo. Yeah I don’t think we have Reitmens, BUT WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DISCO SONG.

Like old-school, “You’re The One For Me” – D Train. Have the LP framed

. download

Tru…. Thanks HΛRRISON

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