frumhere – brooklyn baby

The mellow beats of the new and upcoming producer frumhere shines bright on his latest track, “brooklyn baby.” With gestures at Shigeto and Shlohmo, I’m predicting big things for this guy. Check it out!

DECCO and Leo Stannard – Sun Comes Out

Sweedish duo DECCO and vocalist Leo Stannard team up for the tropical house track,“ Sun Comes Out.” DECCO’s peaceful sound is no stranger to us, as he’s worked with artists like Selena Gomez, and Ry X. This delicious downtempo track is the sort of track perfect for chilling with friends and watching a beautiful summer sunset.

Jazz Morley – Safe Place

“Safe Place” by Jazz Morley is an easy listening track with a chilled out beat. Simple synths and mellow beats give this track a great structure. About the track, she says, “This is a love song written about where I live and who I have in my life. It marks a shift in my own mental health, happiness and creativity. Being a full-time musician, life can be exciting, spontaneous and hugely rewarding but also chaotic, unpredictable and at times, unstable. For the first time in my life, I am happy with who I am, and where I reside- next to the sea, along the beautiful Dorset coastline.” Personally, I think Jazz Morley will go on to really make a name for herself within downtempo pop.

The Pollyseeds – Intentions (feat. Chachi)

The Pollyseeds is a collaborative group of A-list producers, musicians, and creators including Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, Robert “Sput” Searight, Rose GoldTrevor Lawrence JrCraig Brockman, and more. So let’s just put it this way, I was expecting a lot from these guys. Luckily, they exceeded my expectations with their newest funky track, “Intentions” (feat. Chachi) off of their latest album, Sounds of Crenshaw Vol. 1. Visually, the music video feels authentic and effortless. Check it out!

Gallo – Sugar Daddy

Lebanese solo artist Gallo’s “Sugar Daddy” is hard-hitting, strong, and sensual. Aesthetically, the video is glamorously alluring with the help of Soki Mac who hast styled Ellie Goulding, Pamela Anderson, Charlie XCX, and many more. In fact, there’s scores of MUAs on Twitter creating looks inspired by the video—this is a must see!

Seer – Secret 2 My Strut

SEER’s voice is undeniably unique. I’m not sure exactly what it is about it, but I dig it. The drums and synths create an equally interesting backbeat to SEER’s vocals in Secret 2 My Strut. Even though this track is technically more of a hip-hop song, there’s some slacker rock, Mac DeMarco sounding vibe that’s creeping in as well. Chill out with SEER and bump this track.

Childhood – Cameo

Childhood’s newest track, “Cameo,” is effortlessly breezy listening. Keeping things light and easy, the 70s-era guitar riffs and strings complement the sultry sounds of Childhood’s vocals. The dichotomy between the swooning sounds of yesteryear constantly keep you guessing about what mood he’ll bring to the song next. “Cameo” is a good tune for the next time you wanna rock a pair of bellbottoms at your next fondue party.

cory grindberg – uma

Subtle sounds weaving in and out of cory grindberg’s newest project “uma” make it especially stand out. The live instruments add an awesome element to the track, creating a sort of latin flare that makes the drop even more powerful. More often than not, electronic producers tend to shy away from including anything other than synthesizers. Instead, cory grindberg instead embraces the nuances and subtitles of the live music experience.