Thelonious Martin – Late Night Programming

A lot of times when people use the word “Dilla-esque” I get sick to my stomach and want to die. This is not the case when people call Late Night Programming a strange amalgamation of J Dilla and Adult Swim, the influence is cut and dry. Thelonius chops samples from jazz, television, rap, choirs, anywhere he can find an entrancing melody.

Picture this, your bedroom is situated right between the kitchen and the living room. In the kitchen your mom is cooking up a storm, with an array of Jazz and soft ballads softy drowning out the noise of the appliances. In the living room your little brother is watching Regular Show, but he’s not really watching it he’s mostly texting. Then there’s you, in your room, on Xanax, thinking “Wow, I wonder if Thelonius Martin has ever been in this exact situation.”