WIKI – Lil Me

NYC rapper Wiki of the trio RATKING dropped his first solo mixtape entitled “Lil Me” yesterday, which comes nearly three years after putting out his debut solo EP 1993. The 18 track tape dominantly features production from RATKING’s Sporting Life with guest producers Madlib, Kaytranada, Sykwlkr, Harry Fraud and many more. The tape is also littered with awesome guest verses from the likes of Skepta, Antwon, RATKING’s Hak, and Jesse James Solomon. Lil Me is at times as punk as much of RATKING’s music but mostly forms its own soulful core. The production stands out on this tape, but it’s impossible to say it does more so than Wiki’s seamlessly effortless rapping. At just 22 years old, the Irish/Puerto Rican grit king from Manhattan has seemed to have mastered the art of spitting fat rhymes through his character fitting busted front teeth. The widely overlooked RATKING debut So It Goes features tons of material old heads would cream to, so feel free to get one to shut up by showing them that or Lil Me. Wiki may not be one of the best rappers out (though I would disagree), but he’s making better music than a lot of the others people would place in front of him.

Sporting Life – Badd

Do you fuck with Ratking? You should. And if you don’t or are not that into researching the musical acts you enjoy, Sporting Life is the production mind behind New York rap group and XL Recordings artist Ratking. Fortunately for us, today Sporting Life shared the first track off his upcoming solo debut, 55 5’s, entitled “Badd”. The video features Sporting Life taking on several mates in games of one-on-one at a colorful, outdoor basketball court somewhere in New York. As the video progresses with the song, Sporting Life’s opponents get tougher and tougher until he reaches the boss level aka a swol ass dude who he gleefully defeats. Oh, I completely forgot to mention that a lot of this was shot on what seems to be on some fucking drones and offers some amazing birds eye views of beautiful New York City.

The song also knocks. Described as “footwork inspired”, “Badd” definitely has a Chicago feel while blending Sporting Life’s inherently New York style sound he exhibits through his work with Ratking. I could definitely see myself crossing mother fuckers over to this track, and will be sure to add it in my regular rotation.