Siimba Liives Long – Cocaine Bimbie

A perfect cure for the Monday’s is one of the best possible things that can happen to a person slaving their time away to corporate America. Today, my cure was in the form of a brilliant music video featuring fire-eating and lions… yes lions. Brooklyn emcee Siimba Liives Long took things all the way back to his roots for his Noisey-premiered music video Cocaine Bimbie. I mean, I’m not sure how much of a synopsis I really need to give besides Siimba is featured waltzing around Africa holding a lion by the tale. Amazing music video aside, Simba is spitting some very dope bars using some extremely clever wordplay to say some extremely real things. I’m not sure, but I think this might be the way to come out of nowhere and make a splash.

Watch Siimba Liive Long‘s music video for Cocaine Bimbie above.