WIKI – Lil Me

NYC rapper Wiki of the trio RATKING dropped his first solo mixtape entitled “Lil Me” yesterday, which comes nearly three years after putting out his debut solo EP 1993. The 18 track tape dominantly features production from RATKING’s Sporting Life with guest producers Madlib, Kaytranada, Sykwlkr, Harry Fraud and many more. The tape is also littered with awesome guest verses from the likes of Skepta, Antwon, RATKING’s Hak, and Jesse James Solomon. Lil Me is at times as punk as much of RATKING’s music but mostly forms its own soulful core. The production stands out on this tape, but it’s impossible to say it does more so than Wiki’s seamlessly effortless rapping. At just 22 years old, the Irish/Puerto Rican grit king from Manhattan has seemed to have mastered the art of spitting fat rhymes through his character fitting busted front teeth. The widely overlooked RATKING debut So It Goes features tons of material old heads would cream to, so feel free to get one to shut up by showing them that or Lil Me. Wiki may not be one of the best rappers out (though I would disagree), but he’s making better music than a lot of the others people would place in front of him.

Review: Lucki Eck$ – Body High

I have been intrigued by Lucki Eck$ from the first time I heard Alternative Trap.  There was something unique about his cadence and his beat selection, but what drew me in from the start was the way he could tell these vivid stories in such a laid-back monotone way. It almost makes one question the authenticity of the stories he shares, but then again, it is probably best not to know where an artist draws the line between the truth and a fabricated lifestyle. You will either end up disappointed or astounded at the reality of what’s really going on.

On Lucki Eck$’s sophomore release, his lyrical content gains a layer of depth and realism unreached by his debut album.  He goes into detail about the chemicals he’s pushing and consuming, namely that Xan. The album starts off with 4th Commandment Broken, which is a cavalier reference to Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments. He touches on the aforementioned topic of selling drugs and taking them himself.

“Number four, I know ya heard this before, never get high on your own supply.”

Things don’t really get popping on the album until the SKYWLKR-assisted joint, Finesse. Firstly, homie snapped on the beat, tailor making the perfect sound to match Eck$’ unusual flow. The topic of discussion on this track is the more glamorous side of the drug trade. He tends to stray away from the struggle with addiction and sticks to rapping about slanging, making money and robbing his competitors. It is not a positive message, but it is definitely a contrast from tracks like Xan Cage and Slow Down.

“You like getting high, and I like getting money, but I don’t like jail so don’t overdose on what you get from me. Just slow down for me…”

He closes the album out with his third installment of Count on MeCount on Me II was one of my favorite tracks off of Alternative Trap, so I was looking forward to hearing this one too. This track is similar to Finesse as far as lyrics go, but the Hytman-produced beat is a departure from his usual production selection. The way Lucki lazily spits bars over this production makes  this song feel like it was made in some hazy video game cloud world.

This whole project reads as a lucid Xanax-fueled dream and the production from the likes of Skywlkr, Vela Seff, Vela Seg, Keef Brain, Nuri and regular collaborators Plu2oNash, Hytman and Mulatto Beats set the tone perfectly with their cloud-like production. From Alternative Trap to Body High, it is clear there has been sonic progression and probably some life lessons along the way. To put things in perspective, Eck$ just turned 18 and since his first project he’s been travelling around the nation on tour and has probably experienced a bit more than the average 18 year old.


Peep what he just decided to release yesterday with Detroit’s own Danny Brown and stream Body High if you haven’t heard it yet below.

Lucki Eck$ – Finesse

Lucki Eck$ and Danny Brown’s musical styles are not very similar whatsoever, yet Lucki sounds right at home over this beat crafted by Danny Brown’s dj and go-to producer, SKYWLKR. Lucki has also opened up for Danny Brown a few times, so maybe, and this is just speculation, there might be a collab eventually… That would be pretty neat, huh?