WIKI – Lil Me

NYC rapper Wiki of the trio RATKING dropped his first solo mixtape entitled “Lil Me” yesterday, which comes nearly three years after putting out his debut solo EP 1993. The 18 track tape dominantly features production from RATKING’s Sporting Life with guest producers Madlib, Kaytranada, Sykwlkr, Harry Fraud and many more. The tape is also littered with awesome guest verses from the likes of Skepta, Antwon, RATKING’s Hak, and Jesse James Solomon. Lil Me is at times as punk as much of RATKING’s music but mostly forms its own soulful core. The production stands out on this tape, but it’s impossible to say it does more so than Wiki’s seamlessly effortless rapping. At just 22 years old, the Irish/Puerto Rican grit king from Manhattan has seemed to have mastered the art of spitting fat rhymes through his character fitting busted front teeth. The widely overlooked RATKING debut So It Goes features tons of material old heads would cream to, so feel free to get one to shut up by showing them that or Lil Me. Wiki may not be one of the best rappers out (though I would disagree), but he’s making better music than a lot of the others people would place in front of him.

Goodbye Tomorrow – 2 MANY

In a time where “2 Many” people are content with just nodding their heads and following along, Goodbye Tomorrow stands out as a breath of fresh air – or a symbol of revolution against society’s norms. Surrounded by more mystery than a Hardy Boys’ novel – and coming off of the heels of one of the best albums of 2015 – the Chicago emcee/group uses yet another single to convey yet another substantial message: sometimes it’s cool to say no. I could go on and on, but why don’t I let Goodbye Tomorrow tell you what they were going for with this record:

“This track is born from a place of frustration and defiance. At every stage, there are always barriers to what you want, but when you see it how it really is, those barriers only exist because we’ve all been programmed to see them.The world tries to get you stuck in this eternal loop, where every time you get through a level they just reset the board with the same exact pieces. Freshmen in high school become freshmen in college and so on. New level. New title. Same shit. “Cuz that’s just how it is.” But there’s too many answers like that. Too many protocols and regulations and red tape, but any rules without reason only stand in the way of the world.”

Along with the single, GT has taken this as an opportunity to announce a “BETA” tour with dates planned for Los Angeles (12/13), Chicago (12/17), and New York City (12/22). Given their knack for a great aesthetic and their clever use of technology, I can only imagine these lives shows being something far from a normal concert experience.


Devlin – 50 Grand (ft. Skepta)

For the past three years, I’ve been praying that grime would make it into the general American music lexicon.  With cosigns from Kanye West and Drake, London-based Grime emcee Skepta probably stands the best chance of breaking down the Atlantic Ocean barrier than anyone else in recent memory.  Today, fellow UK grime rapper Devlin brings us a visual for his newest track, “50 Grand” featuring none other than Skepta himself.  Sure, these rappers focus less on material wealth on this track, but upon listening, it’s one of the most refreshing things in hip-hop today.  Stream the visuals above. Cheers.

Skepta – Nasty

Maybe it’s time for grime to hit America.  With a huge cosign from Kanye West, London-based rapsmith Skepta seems to be bearing the torch for a new generation of grime rappers who are finally seeking to get a foot in the door in the United States.  Today, he brings us “Nasty,” a good old fashioned diss track aimed at some other fellow grime rappers.  Stream above and enjoy. Cheers.