How did you start making music and who inspired you?

I started making music in high school using shitty iPhone apps like alchemy studio and stuff! It wasn’t until I got my first laptop before I went off to college that I started recording songs I wrote over beats I’d find on Soundcloud! As for idols, I’d say Britney Spears had a huge impact on me when I was younger! I also really love Heidi Montag. And Robyn!!!

When did you start working with Ayesha Erotica?

Someone actually dm’d me in like late July telling me I looked like a blonde Ayesha Erotica. I was like “who is that??” and googled her and became fully obsessed with her music. Her songs blew me away, I was immediately a fan so on a whim, I dm’d her on Instagram asking if she wanted to do a song and we did!!

That is awesome, what other producers are you collaborating with right now?

For my album in November I’m collaborating with Boy Sim a bunch, Lynden Rook produced and is featuring on a track, and maybe a few more Ayesha produced tracks!

Ok so… design your ideal mall, what’s in it?

A big food court, a BEBE store, and a Juicy Couture store!! I was so upset when all the juicy stores closed down, so I would definitely need that. Also Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores… I’m in loads of credit card debt, lol!

Who would play you in the major motion picture about your life?

Tara Reid

Wow true, you should recreate that picture where she is handing like 20 dollars to a dog.


What’s your songwriting process? Every song seems to have a distinct theme. 

The process itself is pretty fast! I write fast and if a song takes to long I trash it. I pick themes for songs after listening to the beat, I’m lucky to work with such amazing producers! Usually, I just listen and a concept forms within the first minute. I always start with a title then I make liner notes in my notebook of words that fit the concept. I like making really thematic music.

How did the early club influence on your sound work its way into your music?

The club influence comes from my love for like 90’s/early 2000s euro club music — Barbie Girl by Aqua, Shoes by Kelly, This is Your Night by Amber, Cascada, etc. That’s the music I remember being most drawn to when I was younger.

What are your favorite emojis?

I hate the emotion emojis. Like the crying laughing one. It’s so weird to me lol! My favorites are 💖🍒💅🏻👻

Thank you, lastly, can you tell us 2 truths and a lie?

I’ve been arrested 3 times!
I got breast implants when I was 20!
And my legal name is Slater!

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