Siimba Liives Long – Cocaine Bimbie

A perfect cure for the Monday’s is one of the best possible things that can happen to a person slaving their time away to corporate America. Today, my cure was in the form of a brilliant music video featuring fire-eating and lions… yes lions. Brooklyn emcee Siimba Liives Long took things all the way back to his roots for his Noisey-premiered music video Cocaine Bimbie. I mean, I’m not sure how much of a synopsis I really need to give besides Siimba is featured waltzing around Africa holding a lion by the tale. Amazing music video aside, Simba is spitting some very dope bars using some extremely clever wordplay to say some extremely real things. I’m not sure, but I think this might be the way to come out of nowhere and make a splash.

Watch Siimba Liive Long‘s music video for Cocaine Bimbie above.

Stephen – Fly Down

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to an artist who just simply goes by Stephen. While the name is rather common and easy to grasp, there is nothing elementary about the music that Stephen is able to seamlessly compose. His latest offering evokes similar feelings as the one that previously came before it (Remembering Myself) – self-questioning laced with a heavy dose of heartbreak. Fly Down – premiered today via Noisey – is a modern day ballad that takes elements of classical piano and tosses them in with ambient synths and heavy-hitting bass to create a sound of his own. As I stated the last time we covered Stephen, I am certain that he is going to become an artist that conquers gargantuan feats.

Stream Stephen‘s latest single Fly Down above and be sure to check out his personal website in which he shares his inner-most thoughts. I’m positive that he isn’t the only one experiencing the thoughts he bravely shares with the world.