Dress Code Aquarium by Ben Niespodziany

We’ve got a sneak peek of “Dress Code Aquarium” for the real heads. For those not in the know, “Dress Code Aquarium” is a 40-page collection of poetry and micro-fiction by Chicago’s own Ben Niespodziany, also known as [neonpajamas]. Below are two excerpts from the book which is set for release on December 1st.



When the ex-pat found the empty turtle shell on the shore, he dragged it back to his place. He scraped off the minimal guts with sand paper and cleaned the bumps with a damp sponge. He rubbed it with two tins of surfboard wax and later placed the shell out in the sun to be properly bleached. At the end of the week, he brought the turtle shell into his home, crawled inside like an old cat with a new box, and for the first time in half a decade, the ex-pat got a proper night’s sleep.

Art Parents

Just because
the twenty something’s
paint strokes
are elementary,
uninspired, uninteresting,
just because
patrons mutter
and flee from
coffee shops
if they see him
creating at a table,
doesn’t mean
that he isn’t the best
artist his parents
have ever seen.

Seasick and Jetlag – International Instrumentals Presented by Mishka Records

Today marks the day that Mishka Records presents the final release of Ben Niespodziany’s epic instrumental trip around the world. Seasick and Jetlag is a double album that Mishka says “showcases the instrumental talents of producers from all over the world. We have a psychedelic rock band from South Africa, a classically trained pianist from Italy, an afro-beat group from France, a vaporwave producer from Japan, a Dilla-inspired boozehound from Chile, and so many more.” Ben is one of my favorite music curators, I’ve already found a few artists here that I’ll enjoy following in the future.

Be sure to listen to the previous two volumes of this “geographic trilogy, a three-piece suite through time and location.” The first W2NDCH2LL showcases all Chicagoans and the second double album Surf and Turf presents musicians from all over the US except for Chi. This has been a big musical trip, take your time and enjoy the journey.


1833 Mix Series, Vol 42: Snow Sparks (Neon Pajamas)

Neon Pajamas, our good friend and one of the editors over at The Mishka Bloglin contributed this mix to our ongoing series.

01. Furns – Sparks
02. Appleby – Rounded Edge (Prod OZZIE)
03. SXMPLELIFE – American Beauty
04. bsd.u – hoodie weather
05. The Alchemist – – BBS
06. Thelonious Martin – Tree of Life Reprise
07. Swimful Buterfly – Night Fountain in People’s Square
08. Leather Corduroys – Marijuana Smoker (Prod. JohnWalk)
09. Beautiful Lou – Makin’ Dreams Come True
10. Tree – Tornado
11. AmbI Lyrics – Otero Tunes (Feat. theMIND)
12. Jaden & Willow Smith – PCH (Heavy Hearts Remix)
13. Izzard – Shelter
14. AX – Faraway
15. Corbin  – Worn
16. Sir Flywalkr – Alex Mack
17. AmbI Lyrics – Nevermind (Feat. LEGIT)
18. Nosidam. – One Kiss (Feat. Via Rosa) (Prod. Dela)
19. Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (OurSkeletonBones Remix)
20. iNDEEDFACE – Javelin
21. 88 ULTRA – Higher Than You Know
22. WebsterX – Doomsday (Feat. Siren) [Chants]
23. Jean Deaux – Right Now
24. Sirius Blvck – Backwoods (Prod. Bones of Ghosts)
25. Cloudlife – Peels
26. OurSkeletonBones – You
27. The Walters – Fancy Shoes

Mishka Records – Surf n Turf (Nation-wide Instrumentals)

One of the best curators in Chicago, Neon Pajamas created this huge instrumental project. He also happens to be one of my fave writers so I think it’s best to quote his description of surfnturf. “Surf n Turf is for the people. It’s a nation-wide instrumental compilation that I am happy to release through Mishka Records. Featuring 38 producers from all over the United States (one track per producer), this double tape showcases the production talents who provide the backdrops to so many strong music scenes throughout the country. The two tapes feature producers both established (Blue Sky Black Death, DJ Burn One, Mr. Green) and still on the rise (kILLer Kane, Dirty Up, Jeffro). The scope is massive, as the listed producers have provided beats for artists like Lil’ B, Main Attrakionz, Freddie Gibbs, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Drake, Western Tink, A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, Mick Jenkins, Deniro Farrar, The Underachievers, Nacho Picasso, and so many more.” He also says that surf is “meant for the beach, for vibrant waves on sunny days. Instrumentals for cloud rap. Instrumentals for smoking excess. turf. is meant for the whip. Cruising late at night through a concrete jungle, a concrete swamp. It’s more boom bap, more slap.” Credit also goes to blackKat who played an important role in this big project.

1833 Mix Series, Vol 30: Driving Into Paintings (Neon Pajamas)

01. The Shirelles – Thank You Baby (Screwed)

02. Sirius Blvck – Ancient Lights (Slowed & Extended Edition) (Prod. Bones of Ghosts)

03. Mary Gold – Prayer (Prod. Lachase & DVN)

04. THEMpeople – The MIND (Feat. Via Rosa)

05. bliss & alice – Man of the Year

06. Adrian Younge – First Step on the Moon [snippet]

07. Saba – Butter (Prod. Saba)

08. Jimi Nxir – Sensation

09. Lucki Eck$ – Xan Cage (Prod. Mulatto Beats)

10. ZMoney – Flexxin’

11. Rvdical The Kid & MisterMack – Ethereal

12. Child Actor – Against the Night

13. Crystals – Look in My Eyes [snippet]

14. Whoarei – Untitled

15. Whoarei – You Are Everything

16. Guts – Didn’t I (re-edit)

17. Mick Jenkins – The Water[s] (Prod. High Klassified & Da P)

18. Dion & the Belmonts – Runaround Sue

19. The Shangri-La’s – Radio Spot – Good Taste Tip

20. God – Chiraq II

21. Rome Fortune & Young Thug – Smokin’ Aladdin (Prod. DunDeal)

22. LEGIT – BRKF$T at Wimbledon (Prod. Dee Lilly)

23. Calez – Thick Girl

24. Sex on Dope – Debutante

25. Shlohmo & Jeremih – No More

26. Via Rosa – I’ll Be There to Move in on Your Body

27. Beyonce – Interlude

28. Mr. Hudson – Step into the Shadows (Feat. Idris Elba)

29. Jay-Z – Anything [instrumental snippet]

30. Bobby Darin – Dream Lover

31. Mathien – Cuz

32. FJK – Lying

33. Hurt Everybody – Scratched (Feat. Kembe X) (Prod. Mulatto Beats & Smoko Ono)

34. Curren$y – Vintage Vineyard (Prod. Thelonious Martin)

35. Via Rosa – Enough (Prod. Sani)

36. Derlee – Dreamin’

37. Sandie Shaw – Monsieur Dupont [snippet]

38. SunBLVD – Like This

39. Sir Sly – Gold (Peter Cottontale Remix) (Feat. Vic Mensa & Kami de Chukwu)

40. Unknown Ecuadorian Folkloric Song [snippet]

41. Hurt Everybody – Maple (Prod. SupaBwe)

42. TV on the Radio – Love Dog

43. Black Milk & Fat Ray – Outro

44. Unknown Ecuadorian Folkloric Song [kiss snippet]