Little Simz – AGE 101: DROP X

If nobody loves you, just know Little Simz loves you. She just dropped the newest installment of her EP series, Age 101, with the mixtape Drop X. The “X” comes from this being her TENTH solo project, which is crazy impressive. After releasing her debut album in September, A Curious Tales of Trials + Persons, she is rounding out the year strong with this seven track mixtape. Features on the mixtape include Isaiah Rashad, Jesse Boykins iii,  and Mick Jenkins.

Powerful lyrics accompany beautiful chords in “Just a Dose” – “Picture me in a galaxy / somewhere in different spaces / Treasuring every moment / Before they want to invade it”


Tiffany Calver – 4:11AM

After reaching my annoyance threshold from rolling my eyes at all the #happyhumpdaytweets, my day took a turn for the better when London based radio host Tiffany Calver dropped a mini mix, 4:11AM.

I’m gonna try to not get too #girlpower in this post, but it always gets me amped to write about another chick (especially with such a great first name, wow) crushing the game. Calver hosts her own show on  Radar Radio every Friday night from 6-8pm (London time duh), but it doesn’t end there. She also founded  M&O, which I promise will be your favorite source of underground shit that you can impress your new boyfriend with.

It’s always a blessed day when she drops her mini-mixes on Soundcloud, which have quite possibly the best titles ever in addition to being dope as hell (see “You Said Netflix and Chill” for example).

Don’t let an ocean get in between your acquaintance with her music. Stream “4:11am” below.

Jodie Abacus – Good Feeling (Video)

Jodie Abacus’ sound is huge! His production is hyper thematic with vocals that are reminiscent of Thundercat meets Cee-Lo Green during his Gnarls Barkley era. One thing that’s for sure is Abacus’ is saturated with good energy and he’s trying to push it into the world. ‘Good Feeling’ is pop that is intelligent and bound to uplift any listener that is blessed to hear it. Jodie is fun, creative, and headed towards a remarkable life as a singer-songwriter in London and beyond.

Check out his video for ‘Good Feeling’ right away and start your Saturday with a wave of positivity.


Jodie Abacus – Good Feeling (Video)

Reekz & Section Boyz – Lock Off RMX

Thank the lord someone ripped this Reekz and Section Boyz track off last week’s OVO Sound radio show on Apple Music. If you’re unaware, Section Boyz are a very raw grime group out of the U.K. and Reekz is grime rapper from London in his own right. The two combined to create this amazing track that is best for:

1. Mobbing the rainy streets of your hometown with 6 of your boys while you’re all wearing black.
2. Playing at a house party where you barely know anyone.
3. Smoking whatever blunts that are your favorite to roll with.

Alxndr London – Jupiter & Pluto (Prod. by Think Like Tiger)

British singer and songwriter, Alxndr London’s “Jupiter & Pluto,” is only the third track he’s released on soundcloud and they are all gems. Over modern percussive and guitar laden production by Think Like Tiger, London gets soulful and celestial. “Jupiter & Pluto” premiered via Clash who described it as, “Inspired by the past but forever looking to the present.” Listen and let Alxndr London’s music take you to another planet.


Continuing the theme of cuffing season anthems, here is a recent submission I received from London songstress BLUEYES for her single SKIN. The visceral and sensual nature of her voice makes it feel as if you are being whispered to by your significant other; which was her intention. Beautiful vocals run in the family, as BLUEYES’ grandmother was actually a famous Irish Soprano in the 1930s. At the age of 18, she went to Scotland to study opera, but that venture proved to be the kickstarter to motivate her to begin writing pop songs. With a classical understanding of music and a modern-spin on songwriting, it isn’t a farfetched idea to believe that BLUEYES has the potential to garner some real momentum moving forward.

Stream BLUEYES single SKIN above.

Kojey Radical – Open Hand (Prod. by New Machine)

“We no longer need to close our fists for the revolution.
The open palm may show you our separation is man made.”

Artist, poet, musician Kojey Radical of London premiered “Open Hand” via The Fader. The most appropriate write up for this piece would be the poem in it’s entirety. The words are powerful and resonate with truth. The haunting and excellent musical accompaniment was produced by New Machine.

Kojey told The Fader, “We’re in a very delicate time where even the word ‘black’ is treated with a level of sensitivity because of how we’ve been conditioned to think. The revolution is not in the closed fist, it’s in the open hand, because an open hand represents acceptance. Something we all need to learn to embrace.” “Open Hand” is the first track I’ve heard by Kojey, I spent the rest of the morning listening to his music. Watch the stunning video for Bambu, another track loaded with substance and meaning.

Get to know Kojey Radical via his interview with Complex. He spoke to Ellis Earl of Complex about music, touring and poetry. “Poetry has no boundaries. It’s probably one of the last art forms that truly allows you to express yourself with no filter. It has the potential to reach the moon and back, as soon as we stop being so guarded with it and quick to categorize what is poetry and what isn’t. I’m constantly growing, musically, and there’s definitely going to be a few surprises on the new project.

“We no longer need to close our fists for the revolution.
We must be heard.”

Existential Little Interviews Vol. 44: Amber-Simone

Amber-Simone is an ever so talented singer/songwriter, born and raised in London, who has opened for John Legend several times this year. She’s also got some great tunage.

Do you worry about the heat death of the universe?

I find theories such as these very interesting… questioning the possibilities of how the earth may come to its end as well as other theories questioning it beginning. However, I do not let things such as this worry me… there are much bigger things to worry about in the now rather than ponder on inconclusive theories, that practically will never be proven.

What defines consciousness? Do you think other animals can be considered conscious creatures?

I believe that consciousness varies and progresses in different stages. To one person it could mean to possess the ability to feel and experience physical and emotional changes… whether it pain, love, empathy; the list goes on. When it comes to animals and other living things I definitely do believe that they are considered conscious creatures.

In other situations it could be said that consciousness is just energy. Everything that is and ever will be… like the life in the trees and the power of the sun. Energy never dies it simply just changes its form. You could go onto to argue that ideas such as higher powers are an overview of the unity of all the universes energy summed in a singular word… ‘God’ universally understood as the ultimate consciousness.

How do you create meaningful experience in your life?

To me, life is about making memories and living experiences more over indulging in material things. I’d like to think that I’m quite adventurous and open-minded, the experiences we have in life are massive changing factors onto who we ultimately become. I think to make an experience meaningful it must change us in a way… whether it just a memory that stays with us or part of something that made us grow and understand ourselves a little more.

How do you manage ennui?

I think it’s so important to remain self-motivated and create long term and short-term goals to keep focus. Setting myself challenges and having a desire to improve myself is something that always keeps me occupied.

“I think, therefore I am” or “I am, therefore I think”

I think, therefore I am.

How do you make earnest connection in a world of instant gratification?

I don’t believe that our world is completely of instant gratification.

London O’Connor – Guts

Never one to mince words, London O’Connor’s newest single “Guts” came accompanied with a description from the young multi-instrumentalist that simply read: “DON’T BECOME STEVE. DON’T LET THEM BREAK YOU.”  I’m not sure what this means – and I’m not sure that anyone does – but London’s got some extremely raw, perhaps Thom Yorke-esque talent, and it will be a pleasure to see what he does next.  His debut album O∆ is out on June 23rd.  Cheers.

Devlin – 50 Grand (ft. Skepta)

For the past three years, I’ve been praying that grime would make it into the general American music lexicon.  With cosigns from Kanye West and Drake, London-based Grime emcee Skepta probably stands the best chance of breaking down the Atlantic Ocean barrier than anyone else in recent memory.  Today, fellow UK grime rapper Devlin brings us a visual for his newest track, “50 Grand” featuring none other than Skepta himself.  Sure, these rappers focus less on material wealth on this track, but upon listening, it’s one of the most refreshing things in hip-hop today.  Stream the visuals above. Cheers.

Black Other – Keep Movin’ (feat. And Is Phi)

I was in London for a Heems show this week (the rapper formerly from Das Racist), which was without question one of the most bizarre concert experiences of my life, but a bright spot came from one of the show’s openers, Black Other.

Weaving heavily lyrical verses into old school boom-bap beats, the English group creates a truly pleasant sound unmatched by many in hip-hop today, especially for someone with only 41 Twitter followers.  I knew after hearing their set that I had to investigate further, and I was even more impressed after I found their video for “Keep Movin’,” the band’s only released song so far.  Keep your eyes on these guys, because their talent proves they have a lot of potential – even from only listening to one song. Stream above. Cheers.