Kirk Knight – Late Night Special

Pro Era’s Kirk Knight brings hip hop back to its roots with his debut album, Late Knight Special. Knight is the musical genius behind Joey Bada$$ hit “Big Dusty“, but he has started paving his own way with the release of this debut project. Late Knight Special is the quintessential versatile musical project, with each track exuding a different emotion and feeling. “Brokeland” shows us a more aggressive side, paying homage to the New York 90s hip hop scene. Lyrics equally as cold as his beats, he says “And these things around me make my wants money, bitches // But my conscious told me just look back and listen.” Fast forward to “Dead Friends” and you will be riding a completely different wave – Knight tells a chilling story of dealing with the loss of friends, something that we all struggle to cope with.

The transitions from the boom-bap tracks to modern synths and smooth sultry sounds are not easy to pull off – but Knight not only did it, he killed it. This objectively apparent disconnect has, somehow, created one of the most coherent albums I’ve heard in a minute.

Guest features on the track include of Chi town’s finest, including well known names such as Mick JenkinsNoname gypsy, and theMind.