Yung Gutted- Wide Body Ft. Face Vega

Granted, Face Vega (1/2 Gorgeous Children) is my favorite rapper but beyond that it is easy to see why Yung Gutted chose him to ride this arcane almost Panda Bear-esque hip hop beat complete with vague illusions to Beach Boys (at least to my ears). The best news is that you can download the album this song appears on, Yung Gutted ‘Towers 2’ EP, free via WeTransfer.

Yung Gutted – Towers EP

Earnest Endeavors put out this new Yung Gutted EP today. When I spoke to him briefly about the project he informed me that he is going the more lo-fi route, sampling only VHS and cassette with an MPC and then recording from the MPC straight to tape. While this EP is a large departure from his previously more trap and heavy metal influenced tapes, his creativity and  craftsmanship shine through, seemingly transcending genres.