Dylan Brady – When It’s Cold (feat. Dom McLennon, Lewis Grant, & Saputo)

Hot off the release of his debut pop impact, Cake Pop, we receive a taste of classic Dylan Brady with the loose single When It’s Cold. An ode to the loneliness of chilly nights, Dylan recruits Dom McLennon, Lewis Grant, and Saputo to contribute their own methods of coping with the mental and emotional distress that comes with being alone. Each artist brings a different story to the table – Dylan’s being slow and transcendental with dashes of pain while Dom weaves and races his way through the production (provided by Dylan), and Lewis paints a picture of just how far not having the one he loves has pushed him. Saputo is the only artist here that I’m not-so-familiar with, but her hook compliments the entire record perfectly as she seems to play the part of the woman all of these lonely men are rapping about; and she shows herself to be just as lonely. Dylan has proven time after time that he is an ace at recruiting features, and When It’s Cold is no exception to the creative experiment.

Stream the premiere of When It’s Cold above.