Yung Gutted – Internet Graveyard III

New York underground rap/production is getting very heavy and Yung Gutted is leading the way with a torch in his hand. The release of the 3rd installment of his Internet Graveyard collection continues to punish your speakers and push the boundaries of bass heavy beats. Gutted holds nothing back this time enlisting Topprraaa and CZARQUAN of Jaguar Pyramids, Wiki of Ratking and Carlos Hernandez of Ava Luna to add vocal textures over his production while showcasing he truly knows how to stay dirty. I highly encourage you to go out and purchase a subwoofer at a store near you for yourself but also to capture the raw power of his ear because Hernandez will not be slowing down anytime soon. The web is full of tombstones and Gutted is responsible for a vast majority of them.

RIP Yung Gutted

 Yung Gutted – Intenet Graveyard III


New York’s underground rap scene is grimier than ever which is showcased through the development of the new rap group JAGUAR PYRAMIDS. JAGUAR PYRAMIDS consists of Czarquan,Topprraaa and Yung Gutted who have all associated themselves with the darker, hard hitting side of rap for awhile now. Their self-titled debut is brutal, heavy and consistently guides you through growls and 808s unmatched by a lot of the scene. With “Fill Em In” JAGUAR PYRAMIDS is joined by Wiki of Ratking who dropped 700 Fill earlier this year which although is an album cut from a similar fabric 700 Fill a little more dreamy than JAGUAR PYRAMIDS. Yung Gutted is a producer that’s been on the rise for about 3 years now and has not pulled the reigns in on his flattening production. The man seems to be set on blowing as many speakers that aren’t ready for him as he can and is doing an incredible job at it. This new collaboration is put together very well and worth is worth the purchase on their bandcamp. New York is definitely not dead.



Yung Gutted – Towers EP

Earnest Endeavors put out this new Yung Gutted EP today. When I spoke to him briefly about the project he informed me that he is going the more lo-fi route, sampling only VHS and cassette with an MPC and then recording from the MPC straight to tape. While this EP is a large departure from his previously more trap and heavy metal influenced tapes, his creativity and  craftsmanship shine through, seemingly transcending genres.