Kaytranada – Glowed Up (Feat. Anderson .Paak)

When two of the hottest, most innovative names in the Hip-Hop field make a track together you HAVE to listen. As you may know Kaytranada is always making music that is just left of Hip-Hop’s normal sonic palette due to his heavy Electronic influences. This paired with Anderson .Paak’s soulful, retro, familiar flair makes for an absolute Goku & Vegeta level fusion. The video for “Glowed Up” which was directed by Bo Mirrosseni takes place in a smoke filled room where a party is taking place and .Paak appears on a throne holding a snake in-between being recorded on a VHS tape camera in the outdoors. At the 3:08 park the song and video switch up to a groovy drum break and .Paak’s vocals becoming noticeably sexier and smoother. Enjoy it above and stay tuned for Kaytranada’s project which will be here May 6th.

Anderson .Paak – Room In Here Feat. The Game & Sonyae Elise

Anderson .Paak has this intonation in his voice when he sings that is not unlike the one you hear when listening to Stevie Wonder or The Isley Brothers that just oozes sex. After crooning the hook he stays hot in his verse with a sort of Rae Sremmend-esque flow in his rhythm that makes this throwback sounding beat sound brand new. “Room In Here” is not only A beautiful blend of old and modern R&B but is a Rap crossover as well featuring The Game who delivers one of the best verses i’ve heard from him in the past 5 years or so. Also to all producers who use drum breaks in their beats pay attention to how much of that mid-high end is filtered out, giving .Paak all the space he needs to steal the show. This might just be my favorite new song of the month.