Supa Bwe – The Dead Occasion

“Damn, I feel just like my birthday cake, lit”

Happy 10/4! Supa Bwe’s birthday is a holiday for Hurt Everybody fans already, but then he adds to the celebration for the second consecutive year and gives us music. Everybody eats! This year it’s a full, 11 track mixtape, The Dead Occasion, and “This shit a movie, damn!” There are the distinctive Supa trademarks and flows, but he’s a futurisic and restless musician that always keeps it moving forward, pressing boundaries, buttons and delivering new sounds. He recorded and mixed the whole project, handling much of the production himself, with some assistance from Mulatto Beats, ChurchDontStop, Samii Beatz and Kenny Charles. The features are delivered expertly by Carl, XVRHLDY and ChurchDontStop.

I hope by it’s conclusion you walk away with a solid idea of what this is – this lifestyle, this journey, this conquest, this mission… Me. – from “Pixar”

Supa’s music is like a multifaceted diamond, with edges made of passion, aggression, light and darkness – like a whole person. He wants to compare scars. He sings “Everybody hates me, but I’ll save the world. Lonely, lonely as I unfurl” on “Jon The Crow,” then speaks of squad in “Fidelity,” saying “My n****s stay with me.” The Dead Occasion is hot all the way through, I can’t really pick fav tracks and want to quote him all day. A few outstanding moments for me are the mood and monologue of the introduction, “Pixar,” the sequencing of the excellent “Dogs” to “EAT” is pure drama. I love “They Be On What They Be On,” one of the most accessible sounding songs on the project. He shares knowledge and insight on “Contacts.” Deadicate yourself to the whole The Dead Occasion.

“I’ll show you the right way
Pass the torch.”


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