Sir Collins Feat. Supa Bwe – Wit Me (Prod. by Mulatto Beats)

“Dream about school in the halls full of fake friends
We don’t shake hands, never did, we don’t make friends
I don’t say grace but my bro’s yellin’ amen”

Sir Collins linked with 2/3 of Hurt Everybody for “Wit Me,” the second single from his upcoming EP titled, Ready Or Not. Supa Bwe features over production by Mulatto Beats resulting in a track that got me looking forward to hearing what Sir Collins has planned for his project. Collins sounds aggressive and intense, I’ll be getting with his music. It’s a treat to hear new Supa Bwe, it seems like it’s been a minute, but that’s only because he’s so prolific, he put out a whole project, The Dead Occasion just a month ago. Enjoy “Wit Me,” and get prepared for Sir Collins’ Ready Or Not coming soon.