Killavesi – Run & Hide

Article by Chuck Trash

With Killavesi’s latest project, “Run & Hide”, she has shown tremendous progression in the way that she delivers every line, piquing even the most ambivalent rap fan’s interest. It would be simple-minded to lump this tape in with the general ‘internet’ fad rap, as Killavesi finesses her way through countless styles throughout each track. Her timing and delivery is nothing short of impeccable, and her topical range and incredible beat selection will help her stand out amongst other internet rappers.

From the opening title track, Vesi sets an emotional, yet confident swag to compliment the tone of the rest of the tape. On tracks like “Rainy”, her flow echoes internet pioneers like Lil’ B, with a lazy delivery but catchy flow that contradicts the monotone sound. The tape is primarily produced by Norwegian artist hi tom of the Rytmeklubben collective and uses heavy 808’s and a subtle catchy synths over which Killavesi raps with an effortless and nonchalant execution.

While her flow sounds easily imitated, it would be tough to imagine many rappers pulling off the laid back brag that she flawlessly tackles. There is something that is extremely pleasing about hearing a rapper rhyme about clichés such as money, sex and violence in a tone that completely contradicts the content in every verse. There are definitely consistencies in this record that parallel an overwhelming amount of rap that has dropped in the past 5 years, but her voice and delivery are what makes her stand out amongst the myriad rappers cropping up on Band Camp and Soundcloud.

Not all of the lyrics on “Run & Hide” revolve around Vesi as an alpha-rapper. Like many rappers who have established a name for themselves as ‘trap’ artists (i.e. Future, Chief Keef), Killavesi also illustrates a sensitive and emotional side of herself throughout many of the tracks throughout this tape. For example, on “Make U Cry”, the evocative hook pines ‘please forget what I said/I never meant to make you cry”, revealing a layer of vulnerability and humanity under her ultra-swag exterior.

While most of this tape is produced by hi-tom, she still went out of her way to pick beats from a variety of producers that all meshed surprisingly well, helping produce a cohesive, dark, and thematic sound for the album. By picking beats that make sense side by side, she gave herself room to experiment with her flow over production, and the experimentation paid off in full.

Right now, Killavesi is touring Europe for the first time, along side Adamn Killa, another rising rapper out of Chicago. While her sound is not exactly like the majority of other popular Chicago rap, it makes sense that she is in Europe. Yes, young Killavesi hails from Chicago, but her music is already internationally acclaimed.