Ella Rae

What prompted you to start making music?

I was eighteen years old and moved to London from the southwest of England to further my music career. I performed at Ronnie Scott’s on my first night which was incredibly inspiring. I took my guitar in and asked if I could be a guest singer for the show they had on that night. To my surprise, they let me. It was a great start. From then on, I continued to play shows and write music.

The year is 2050 and you’ve had a storied career as a musician. Who plays you in your biopic and what ideally is the plot arc of the movie?

Ideally, I would like the plot to be that I’ve had lots of albums, sold out shows etc. Then later on in life, I would marry Bryan Ferry, move to the countryside and write music with him every day. If I could direct the film too, I would set it in Iceland or somewhere magical like that.

In this movie, Will you be a tragic figure or comedic?


Are there any particular non-musical inspirations at play in your music?

I would like to say I write loads of happy songs about love and stuff but I don’t. Someone asked me recently why that is and I just said I have no control over what I write. They just happen. Right now, I’m inspired by other things. I go through phases.

If you had to choose one song to be your alarm clock for the rest of your life, what would that one song be?

I’m on fire – Bruce Springsteen

Who’s your mom’s favorite musician?

My mums favourite is Ed Sheeran.
My Dads favourite is The Beatles.

How do you create meaningful experiences in your life?

I travel a lot. I have come to realise that I’m most settled when I’m on the move. I like living that way and I experience a lot more which inspires my writing.

I also try to spend time at home back in England. These times are important to me as I feel I have most of my happiest times there when I’m with my family/friends.

Lastly, can you tell us your favorite joke?

Yeah I made it up actually when I was 12 years old and it got published in the London papers. They even sent me 5 pounds for it. I remember I was really proud of it.

What day should you cook bacon?
Fry-day ( I was 12 when I made this up)