Ain’t Nobody Fucking With My Clique, Vol 4: Save Money Militia

This week on ANFWMC, all eyes are on Save Money Militia, Chicago-based super-collective comprised of Chance The Rapper, Nico Segal, Vic Mensa, Caleb James, and a multitude of others. They’ve been rapidly rising since last year, and already landed a spot at SXSW earlier this year. Chance-the-Rapper3-magnumAs you probably know, Chance The Rapper has been receiving quite the internet buzz for a while now, but 2013 has definitely been his year. With the release of his sophomore mixtape, “Acid Rap,” the 20-year-old Chicago native has already established himself in the hip-hop world as someone who defies the genre. The same can be said for Save Money’s numerous other members, who all utilize their own diverse talents while contributing to the crew as a whole. Aside from the numerous accolades “Acid Rap” has received (and the ~bootleg~ spot on Billboard), Chance already boasts an XXL Freshman nomination, a Lolla performance, and collabs with artists like Ab-Soul, Childish Gambino, Weezy, and Action Bronson.

“Everybody’s Something,” directed by Save Money’s Austin Vesely (dem graphics doe)

Straight outta Hyde Park, 20-year-old Vic Mensa’s charisma compliments his insane yet effortless flow. Having already worked with Alex Wiley, Chuck Inglish, Lili K, & Chicago’s own Rockie Fresh, Vic is on the road to a flourishing career. The future’s looking exceptionally promising due to the acclaim he’s received for his recent YT videos. The former Kids These Days member drops his new project, “INNANETAPE,” on 9/30, already having released 3 singles with corresponding videos. Here’s a taste:   2c68c30afe57cfdd7a4d74972e40e857_1   To add to Save Money’s array of talent, we have Nico Segal, also a KTD alumnus. The trumpeter/vocalist/spitter released his latest EP, “Donnie Trumpet,” in June (the same day he started touring with Frank Ocean, nbd). V impressive to say the least.  


Just like Nico, Caleb James is versatile a’f. His latest mixtape, “The Jones,” features smooth-ass 90s samples with a fresh twist. Rapping, singing, and producing, he’s a one-man powerhouse layering multiple styles. His twerk-worthy “6 AM” vid dropped last week, directed by Brandon “N2ition” Riley.


Lyrical masterminds Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purp both have solo projects, but have recently joined forces to form  Leather Corduroys. Barzonbarzonbarz.


Like Vic Mensa, Save Money member Tokyo Shawn also has a tape on the way. It’s called “Wave Theory,” & will be released under the French label White Colours.  Formerly known as Preston San, Tokyo has already gained notice from MTV (rightfully so), and recently worked with Parisian nu-disco producer French Kiwi Juice.  Check the visuals.

BrianFresco   Brian Fresco, aka #theFRE$CORLEONE has a serious flow. His debut mixtape, “Mafioso,” dropped in May, featuring detailed descriptions of scenarios coupled with catchy hooks. XXYYXX production on deck, btw. dally-auston-wsgtm-feature-300x221 Dally Auston, hailing from the westside, released his first mixtape, “The Wood,” earlier this year. I think “elegant” is the proper term to describe the instrumentals Auston flows over.  His latest SC upload has been making the innanet rounds. images   A collective isn’t complete without solid production. Thelonius Martin, who happens to attend Columbia College, started making music because of J Dilla. Aside from Save Money, he’s produced for an extensive list of talent, including Domo Genesis and Rockie Fresh. Peep Thelo’s soundcloud to be inundated with greatness, tbh.

“Saaaave it.”

Chance The Rapper Save Money

I must admit though, my favorite SaveMoolah tracks are born when the guys come together & make magics u kno?

Everyone affiliated with Save Money brings something unique to the table. Several music blogs have written about the apparent hip-hop renaissance occurring in Chicago– creative younginz expressing themselves while not giving a damn who doesn’t like it. Save Money Militia is undoubtedly putting The Chi back on the map.

I don’t mean to snub any Save Money members that aren’t showcased in this feature, but there are so many of yous guize that I may have missed someone. I apologize in advance 🙁 **Shouts out to Sterling Hayes, 3beats, Austin Vesely, K-rock, Eli, B-real, and TRAP MUSIC GARAGE**

vic_fl3 (1)


inna coming soon!!!

Interview: Babeo Baggins [ Barf Troop]

Basics: How old are you, when did you start making music, who inspires you, fave pokemans…

I’m 20! I just turned 20 last month (I feel so old not being a teen it’s so weird).

Man, I started making music a few months ago and I NEVER would’ve thought I’d be rapping. I’ve always loved music but never did think I’d be a rapper of all things.

I’d say all the raunchy, strong female rappers are really inspiring to me. Lil Kim is my whole heart :sparkling_heart: . But I get inspiration from my troop a lot! They’re all so amazing and we all rap differently so they really inspire me to try things I wouldn’t normally think to do on my own. Anime and art also inspire me a lot! Japanese culture in general. Kyary PamyuPamyu is my idol.


My favourite pokemon are suicune and slugma because I have a HUGE love of slugs and snails.  :snail:  :snail:  :snail:


What is creative process like?

   * your lyrical content is hyper-sexualized and a little bit macabre

When it comes to writing I just write about the things I’m thinking about at the time (which a lot of the time is boys or something having to do with them, or anime haha). I think it’s pretty surprising for people to hear a group of girls so open and expressive about their sexuality in a sort of proud and sometimes sweetly kind of silly way. If we were men no one would be taking notice, which is sad and is true. But because we’re girls it’s surprising. I don’t think our lyrics are any more sexual than most male rappers, but because we’re girls people point it out. Which in a way is a little bit disheartening but at the same time really nice in a way. I’m a virgin, but I have sexual thoughts just like everyone else and I shouldn’t have to be ashamed to say them just because I’m a girl. I’m proud! Yeah, I think about boys kissing my kitten, what of it? I want to show other girls that being sexual doesn’t make you a bad person and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It’s natural! I’m still sweet and silly and fun, and I’m also trying to let a cutie know what the kitty is about and there’s nothing wrong with that. Oh, and the gorey lyrics.. I just watch too much anime and asian horror movies haha.


Barf Troop is self-described as a group of filthy girls doing foul things for fun. Firstly I’d like to say the alliteration in that sentence is delightful and secondly I just want you to expound on that a little bit… who is barf troop (How’d you meet etc.)

Barf troop is exactly that! Barf troop came together via skype chat when I started joking about us rapping together. They all thought I was kidding but I made a song and we couldn’t go back from there! We’re all friends via tumblr. We’re all different ages from all different places which I think is very cool because it sort of gives us all different views on things and that makes all of our rapping really different and I really like that. We’re all friends and some of us met over the summer! (Justin Baber and Babenstein) I think this is just a really great way for far apart friends to stay close and do something in our spare time for fun. But it’s getting bigger than we ever thought it would and that’s really exciting!

I think right now music is really EVERYWHERE. There are so many different genres, even people creating their own genres. There’s so many ways to find new music and so many people making good things. There’s also people just making things for the sake of making it. So they’re are both pros and cons to the mass production of music and the ease of acess because of the internet. I think a lot of people are doing it just to do it but a lot of people are using it to express and show more people who might’ve not been able to get ahold of it otherwise and that’s cool!

a. What is the mission objective of Barf Troop (fuck with us or don’t ?) talk about  it

Barf troop is all about girl power. We want to show girls it’s okay to be gross, silly, sexual, nerdy and whatever else they want to be! You can do it right along with the boys or without them, it doesn’t matter. Rapping about gross things or whatever else we feel is important at the time, we’re having fun and that’s what it’s all about. Our mission is to get people to have fun! We’re having fun and expressing our thoughts and feelings and you can ride with us or you can get off the catbus!!  :cat2:  :trolleybus:

Ain’t Nobody Fucking With My Clique, Vol 3: #TOMCREW

In this edition of ANFWMC the spotlight is focused on up-and-coming internette sensation #TOMCREW. Chances are you’ve seen their photoshops of Tom Anderson (MySpace) floating around the web. More likely than that, if you’re really hip to the electronic music internet scene you’ve probably heard one of 19 year old #TOMCREW CEO Tokyo Hand’s pieces on BBC radio 1 played by Eclair Fifi, Rinse FM, or the most recent compilation released through Donkey Pitch. If you are not familiar with the king, Tokyo Hands, I would like to implore you to first peep this track debuted on the BBC.

In a very cryptic way I’d like to let you know that Tokyo Hands is at least twice as prolific as you might think. He’s Burial. Juke, footwork, jersey club, whatever #TOMCREW makes it tight.


Foxy Brown, the co-CEO of #TOMCREW, is in fact the juke Justin Timberlake, according to certain sources. He resides in Oklahoma but runs the web by way of his soundcloud account. On many nights you can catch Foxy live djing on Tom Crew Tv.

I feel a little remiss only truly showcasing these two members but according to Foxy Brown, #TOMCREW is in an interim period, trying to decide which members of the community will transition to the formal label. Having said that, Keiska, Buckmaster, and Tielsie are all confirmed artists as of right now.

This Sophie remix is nearly perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.44.58 PM
This  message from Mad Decent sent via facebook with no explanation would seem to suggest that big things are popping.Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 2.44.05 PM

Like so many internet crews, #TOMCREW, is actually comprised of living IRL people. In recognition of this fact they are going on a little Midwest tour in the coming month. Tour Dates Below.

Lună Corp Presents: “The Breakfast In Bed Tour”

CJ Milli
Trill Scott Heron
DJ Foxy
DJ Creole
Sept. 12 – Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck
Sept. 13 – Kansas City, MO @ Arts Bar
Sept. 14 – Kansas City, MO @ SECRET LOCATION
Sept. 15 – Kansas City, MO @ Open Fire Wood Burning Pizza
Sept. 16 – Omaha, NE @ House of Loom
Sept. 17 – Tulsa, OK @ The Yeti
Sept. 19 – Denton, TX @ Andy’s Bar
Sept. 20 – Austin, TX @ The Red River Bridge
#TOMCREW | #LunaCorp


*Special Shout outs to all official and unofficial members, Msr Tho(happy birthday!) , Natalie Hands, Cj Milli, Trill Scott Heron and more…

Ain’t Nobody Fucking With My Clique, Vol 2: Body High

“House” has become a dirty word in these United States. Drop it in casual conversation and most people’s minds will drift directly to dusty European warehouses or geeked 13 year olds at overpriced DayGlo festivals. A more careful consideration of the genre reveals a deep and diverse history. Instead of the corny commercial product we’ve got propagating in our contemporary pop culture, house was initially defined for it’s unconventional energy and countercultural bent. The warehouses of Britain and clubs in Germany undoubtedly played a role in its transformation but it started in the discothèques of Chicago as an unholy hybrid or disco, funk, hip-hop and electronic pop – a simultaneous celebration of those components and “fuck you” to whatever anyone else was listening to.

I’m not about to call the rest of the genre stale (any UK-based music fan could list 100+ producers still doing it right) but goddamn if it isn’t nice to hear what’s coming from the Body High camp. Whether every record released through the LA-based outfit perfectly matches the BPM count or aesthetic of the tracks selected in those early raves seems largely irrelevant; the fact that they’re producing weird music geared towards destroying dance floors is why many people are turning to them as the torchbearers for the next generation of American house.

Out of the ashes the LOL Boys, Jerome “LOL” Porter teamed with young Samo Sound Boy to found Body High, releasing the collaborative Stadium Status EP under the name DJ Dodger Stadium.

Next on the roster is DJ Funeral, a man mentioned in reverence by the likes of Sinden and Brodinski but widely regarded on message boards as a total mystery. Until that one time he showed up to the Boiler Room…

and hunched over the tables like the Disney version of Quasimoto so we couldn’t see his face. At least he threw down, allowing most of us to leave it at that and get back to more pressing topics of discussion.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 9.59.55 PM

In case you wanted to hear the hook to Wale’s ‘Bait’ on repeat for two and a half minutes (and let’s be honest, you did), here’s DJ Sliink and Brenmar’s skittering juke-indebted take on the track.

And let’s not forget the time that the god Todd Edwards went through Body High to bless us with the Shall Go EP out of nowhere.

Most recently the label’s seen releases from a few younger producers, including this sexy ass single from Myrryrs’ Southside Horror EP. Is that Marvin Gaye or Pharrell on that “WOO” sample? I don’t even know anymore.

Meanwhile Jerome and Samo keep leading by example, putting out solid solo work as well as mixes under the DJ Dodger Stadium name.

Ain’t Nobody Fucking With My Clique, Vol 1: TeamSESH

That kid Bone$, known to some as ‘The Skinny White Pimp’, is the leader and creator of the underground movement known as TeamSESH. He spent his formative years in the post urban industrial suck hole that is the state of Michigan (caveat: Robocop was real). Fans of the clique will note that Bones often raps about dropping out of school at the age of 16 and moving to Los Angeles to live with his brother. Capitalizing on his video editing skills combined with his  life- long ability to flow, Bone$’ fan base is comprised of nearly twenty thousand underground rap enthusiasts. His list of conspirators include Spaceghostpurrp, Ethelwulf, Yung Yadi, Lofty305 (Metro Zu), Yung Lean, and Pouya, –there’s no doubt that SESH has already created a stir both on the web and in the underground rap scene as a whole.

“I’m dead, I’m bones.”

Produced by Jayyeah. He’s gothic and lives in Long Beach, we suppose.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.09.14 PM

The young master Bone$ has over 10 tapes and albums in his arsenal. With a “flow like water” a sick team of producers, & that distinctive VHS-style videography, every release has been pretty #rare.

This track from 1MillionBlunts was produced by SHMX, a rising Houston producer who has been featured on tracks with Pepperboy Davis, Cashius Green, and Big K.R.I.T.

Ridin’ in the drop bumpin’ City and Colour. I’m partial to the mellower, more somber tracks. Bones switches the style up really well. Produced by Greaf.

Channeling 2002, fubu velour and all. Produced by Terio, a man with virtually no internet presence. That’s the real underground shit tho.

TeamSESH embodies that 90s/early 2000s vibe while keeping a unique style and sound that separates them from the rest. Nothing sounds recycled, even when it sounds familiar. Bones lets us know that he doesn’t need fame, versace boxers, girls, or guns. Just a beat to rap on and a little bit of drugs.

Na$ty Matt, though. A Kentucky Rapper keeping it #GraveWave #ScholarBonesStyle

Source: []

Whoever decided to sample “Let’s Chill” by Guy is the coolest. Metro Zu’s Lofty was definitely right for this track.

“Bochi Nibuku (Cemetery Blunts)” from BONES’s collaborative mixtape with Xavier Wulf (formerly Ethel Wulf)

“People always ask how I got so sick, I tell ’em, ‘ditch school, do drugs, and never trust a bitch.'”
Might not work for everyone, but definitely worked for Bones.

Source: []
Source: []
Bones just finished the “Lords of the Underground” tour alongside Grandmilly, Eddy Baker, JK The Rapper, J Green, Ethelwulf, Chris Travis, Muff Lucid, and Dirty Redd.  He recently tweeted that his new album, “SCUMBAG” is set to drop this Sunday. This kid is on fire.

“All we do is Sesh.”

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