KAMI: Home Movies

After a wildly successful summer for Joey Purp, it’s only fair that KAMI, the other half of SAVEMONEY duo Leather Corduroys, has his time in the spotlight.

The 80’s synth-pop vibes are strong with this one–the video’s diner setting looks like it’s straight out of a John Hughes movie, which fits in perfectly with Knox Fortune’s bouncy instrumental.  With an upcoming solo project in the works, it looks like KAMI has big things on the way.

Youandewan – Be Good To Me, Poly

Someone recently told me I need to be more concise with my writing, which I think means I should embrace the listicle format, so:

  1. This sounds like club-ready Floating Points, but for if everyone in the club was feeling wistful
  2. Science looked objectively cooler back in the 1960s
  3. Youandewan’s forthcoming album, There is No Right Time, is out this Friday 10/14 on Aus Music, and I hope the whole thing sounds like this

テレヴァペ - 永 (VHS) (Televape – Eternity)

I was taking Economics classes in 2013, which ostensibly means I missed out on the whole Vaporwave thing. Yet somehow, in the year of our Lord 2016, this Televape (VAPERROR x t e l e p a t h) project snuck onto my Soundcloud feed.

I feel like I need to pay some sort of penance, so I’m dedicating this post to that one Greco-Roman sculpture with the pink background I keep seeing, but feel free to put this on your Tumblr like the 20-something art student you probably are.

Supa Bwe – Fool With It (ft. Chance The Rapper)

Supa Bwe, has been making major moves since the split of Hurt Everybody. He’s now part of a new group named “Fight Me” and has had a few headliner shows under his belt. Not only that but Supa also released his project “Dead Again 3” back in July, “Fool With It” is a cut from that project. The vocals on the songs are so amazing that I had it on replay for weeks after its release. Chance the Rapper adds a lot of depth to the song but Supa Bwe shines the hardest. He released the video and animation, done by Abel Gray, today as a birthday present to himself.

Kweku Collins – Stupid Roses (VIDEO)

Closed Sessions’ Kweku Collins has been on a roll since his Nat Love project dropped a few months back. The young MC has headlined a fair amount of shows around the Midwest and just recently opened for Grandmaster Flash in Brooklyn. Today, Kweku released a visual for my personal favorite off Nat Love with “Stupid Roses”.

The track, which takes its slow rolling bass line from D’Angelo’s “One Mo’Gin” (another personal favorite) describes Kweku’s attempts at winning the love of a girl he’s crushing on. The video, shot in Milwaukee and directed by @claplantfilms, details Kweku running, skating, driving and walking with a bouquet of roses presumably meant for his crush. However, Kweku chooses the company of friends instead of possible love in the end, which is hardly uncommon for a 19 year old.

Keep your eyes and ears on Mr. Collins. He’s one of my top prospects coming out of Chicago for the next year.

Goodbye Tomorrow – Back It Down

Whenever an artist has something to say about their work, I prefer to defer to them. Here is the quote accompanying this video.

It’s separate, the song and the video. The song itself is about the power struggle in a guy and a girl in an argument. It’s the girl always end up winning but the whole thing gets distorted by outside perception and her friends and his niggas opinions and at the end you don’t really even recognize ur voice when your talking. It’s the place you get taken to. The video push that idea to a more global scale and is kind of like a view on how social media and media in general distorts our perception of sex and relationships and how we fall into a sort of prison based on our own biases and prejudices. This guy is basically in a virtual reality prison cuz all he does is look at girls on ig and watch porn and shit but the actual question i’m trying to pose i think is he to blame for looking or are the girls to blame for putting it on display? I think that’s the base level of every back and forth of society. It’s 2 sides with an incomplete view of the larger system at play, and usually both sides are unaware. You know it’s ads on these buildings selling the same thing they outlawing. Very American ya know?” – xy