Childhood – Cameo

Childhood’s newest track, “Cameo,” is effortlessly breezy listening. Keeping things light and easy, the 70s-era guitar riffs and strings complement the sultry sounds of Childhood’s vocals. The dichotomy between the swooning sounds of yesteryear constantly keep you guessing about what mood he’ll bring to the song next. “Cameo” is a good tune for the next time you wanna rock a pair of bellbottoms at your next fondue party.

Blood Cultures – Moon

It would be really easy to compare New Jersey artist Blood Cultures’s music to a number of electronic music’s hazy, chillwave forefathers. Off the top of my head, I could name 5 musicians’ songs that “Moon” shares similarities to. But, that’s lazy of me to do. So why not write specifically about the reasons that “Moon” is great?

“Moon” initially struck me with its multi-dimensional sound design; a lilting tenor amid sun-faded synths and a fluttering countermelody creates a sort of a musical kaleidoscope, always twisting and turning into something a little more beautiful with each beat. It’s Blood Cultures’s first single in nearly three years, off his upcoming album Happy Birthday. Breezy and pensive, “Moon” is tinged with a bit of bittersweet nostalgia—a fitting song to play as you polish off the last of a bottle of rose and reminisce over happy memories of you and last summer’s Spanish fling at 12:41 am, perhaps. Not that I would know anything about that sort of scenario. Complete hypothetical.

Whether you’re flipping through old iPhone photos or making new memories this summer, “Moon” is a great tune for both. Listen to more of Blood Cultures on Soundcloud.

Lens Mozer – All My Friends

I can’t focus lately. There’s something crawling underneath the surface of my skin, a restlessness made of impending discontent and fatalism that’s threatening to bubble back up. I do a pretty good job of keeping its intensity under wraps, or at least trying to, but there are days when the feeling barrels towards me in a bid to challenge my authority over it. The restlessness keeps me from thinking about the task at hand, and directs my thoughts to all the tasks I haven’t done. The tasks I might never get to do. All the conversations I should or shouldn’t have. My irritability grows.

I try to silence that din of worry with music, but sometimes the wrong music amplifies the urgency of my mood, paralyzing me in a cacophony of what ifs and why should Is. There are good songs and bad songs, just as there are good days and bad days.

Running through promo emails to quiet the sound in my head, I clicked on the subject line heralding Lens Mozer’s “All My Friends”. In a moment, all the wanting, the stress, the illogical cycle of thoughts—it faded into the background. The music gave me exactly what I needed. “Just don’t stop,” Lens Mozer says. “Turn around and see the sunshine“.

Sometimes music doesn’t soothe the freneticism of anxiety, and sometimes it does. “All My Friends” helped me today. Maybe it will help you too.

Suicideyear – Lagniappe (Spring Hate)

LuckyMe’s newest signee Suicideyear has been a longtime collaborator with the label, having remixed Jacques Greene’s “After Life After Party” and scoring a spot on the prestigious LuckyMe Advent Calendar last year. Before his first LuckyMe-released EP Hate Songs debuts July 28th, listen to “Lagniappe (Spring Hate)”. For new fans, it serves as a brief foray into Suicideyear’s signature of melancholic, faraway melodies and gentle compositions. The song’s title is intriguingly conflicting – a lagniappe is “something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure,” and this song does in fact feel like a sweet little gift. It leaves me curious about the significance of “Spring Hate,” however. I suppose I’ll have to wait until July 28th to decode the meaning further.

Japanese Breakfast – Boyish

Japanese Breakfast’s single, “Boyish”, is a three and a half minute slice of peaceful longing that’s great for relaxing your brain after a long day at work, where you realized you are only in the middle of the week and proceeded to fall on the floor George Michael Bluth style.

Check it out before her sophomore album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, releases July 14th.

LUNICE – Mazerati

The Canadian Crown Prince of Trap returns to his throne with “Mazerati”. Arguably LuckyMe’s first breakout star, Lunice’s return to the scene represents a new chapter for both the label and the trap sound. Speaking about the release, LuckyMe wrote,

Listen to the track below.

Alex Lustig – No More (feat. Akacia & OnCue)

Belgian artist Alex Lustig shares a brooding new single, “No More”. This guy’s had his fair share of producing, from creating tracks for BJ The Chicago Kid to co-producing Young Thug’s “Everything Bout Me” that leaked earlier this month. Now, Lustig is making a name for himself by creating some bad beats of his own. The producer mixes an ambient vibe with more trap and hip-hop nuances to create a one of a kind sound. Chill out and bump this beat.

Sam Frankl – Gold Rush

South London crooner Sam Frankl shares his introspective sophomore single, “Gold Rush”. Frankl’s latest is “sonically fitting somewhere between Father John Misty and Glass Animals,” programmed with a minimalist beat and top-notch lyrics. To me, the lyrics especially stood out to me on “Gold Rush”–they really tell an interesting story that evokes freedom and honor.

Murlo – Velvet & Rust

I am not-so-secretly Murlo’s biggest fangirl, and had to share this new track off his Club Coil EP with y’all. “Velvet & Rust” is a perfect fusion of genres: R&B, reggaeton, and electronica all weave together in this beautifully emotional sonic tapestry. It’s introspective and moody, but wistful too—a great track to play while you’re crying in the club. The whole of Murlo’s Club Coil is excellent, but “Velvet & Rust” stands out for its understated authenticity. You can listen for yourself by streaming the entirety of the EP here. 

Lil Yachty- X Men (ft. Evander Griim) (Prod. 30 Roc)

Lil Yachty drops his newest single from his upcoming album Teenage EmotionsX Men features Texas rapper Evander Griim with production from 30 Roc. Lil boat is on a whole other level with this song, not something Yachty’s fans are used to seeing from him but still bangs. Listen to X Men above and keep a look out for Teenage Emotions that drops May 26th.