Prins Thomas – C (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)

We’ve once again been blessed by the Chilean-German god of minimal techno, Ricardo Villalobos. These two remixes come to us courtesy of Prins Thomas’ spacey-as-ever February release (which is also worth giving a listen), Principe del Norte.

Villalobos has an uncanny ability to create what can only be described as sonic black holes—though the palette of sounds drawn on is minimal, each track draws us into its own unique and expansive universe.

Drake – One Dance (Different Sleep Cover)

I have a theory about Drake’s “One Dance” in which you can find someone to go home with at any nightclub during the duration of this track. Seriously. Someone please test this theory and get back to me.

Now, if you manage to get someone back to your bedroom from the dance floor, I would recommend keeping the mood steady with this cover of “One Dance” produced and performed by L.A. based producer Different Sleep. The cover keeps the seductive vibe of the original while losing the dancehall riddim and replacing it with a more RnB type tempo. Big man ting, shawty definitely gonna be feelin’ da bruv once dis here track starts pumpin wagwan!

Sweater Beats & KAMAU – Hey Ya (Cover)

“Hey Ya” by Outkast was the first song I danced with a girl to. It was at my friend Josh’s bar mitzvah, yet I can’t exactly remember the lovely young lady’s name. Regardless, if you were born in between the years 1990-1996, “Hey Ya” probably holds a special place in your musical heart.

When I saw that Sweater Beats and vocalist KAMAU had covered the millennial smash hit, I was immediately intrigued. The bass bumping production is layered with background vocal harmonies that accompany KAMAU’s lead vocals beautifully. When the chorus kicks in, we’re graced with a great summer synth line and the memories of screaming “HEY YA!” at all those bar/bat mitzvah’s, school dances, and even weddings.

So, sit back, pop in an old VHS tape recording of an episode of ABC’s Saturday Morning Cartoons, and enjoy your hearty taste of nostalgia for the day.