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    David Ashley – Strictly 4 The Heads

    “A mf started the series spring 2016 and kept it going til like January 2k17. I’m just now bringing shit back because it just be feeling invigorating to ...

    On November 12, 2018 / By
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    Noah Sims – KINETIC

    “The five songs on Kinetic embody the fluidity that I strive for in my production. These were a few of my favorite songs that I’ve made over the ...

    On October 26, 2018 / By
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    LowkeyKendel – The PreGame

    “Nonstop jiggy shit u can’t help gettin lit or vibin to” – Kendel ...

    On October 26, 2018 / By
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    Peace Enforcer – Brooklyn Dick Head

    “The songs on this ep were originally going to be for an ambient project. But I was exhausted and angry from working manual labor. EP out Nov 9.” ...

    On October 22, 2018 / By
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    VXO – Alcanzarme

    The manifold sounds of Connecticut’s experimental musician VXO takes new shape following their earlier release “Why U Call Me” and Color Plus feature “Fade 2”: layered harmonizing vocals cross-stitched ...

    On October 14, 2018 / By
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    wasaaga. – pivot.

     ““pivot.” was done at a really interesting time in my life. It was amidst some major personal change, and this song felt like a breath of creative ...

    On October 12, 2018 / By
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    Rich Jones – Dreaming (ft. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, prod. J Kelr, Kenny Keys)

     “In times like these, how do you cope? How do you not only endure but flourish, nurturing whatever magic and wonder that does still exist in the ...

    On October 12, 2018 / By
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    Ease World – Board Flips

    “SUMMERTIME ALL THE TIME” – Ease World ...

    On October 10, 2018 / By
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    How did you start making music and who inspired you? I started making music in high school using shitty iPhone apps like alchemy studio and stuff! It wasn’t ...

    On October 8, 2018 / By
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    Sayveeyun – Strength

    “Although none of my lyrics are ever biographical, my struggles with anxiety and identity as a half-Tibetan are always focal points in my work. “Strength” in particular was ...

    On September 30, 2018 / By
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    blvck mass – forest

     “Forest is really a product of me trying to refine my sound and find a consistent voice in my music. When I was making all of the ...

    On September 28, 2018 / By
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    moistbreezy – Italian Ice

     “With my new direction, I’m going moodier, tapping more into *the dramatic.* It’s more in line with how I feel lately, and just reflecting back on my ...

    On September 24, 2018 / By